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Tarot Decks for Sale

Labyrinthos Academy creates a collection of bespoke, artist-created, unique tarot decks for the modern witch. 

All our tarot decks are illustrated and designed with care and attention to detail. Because the artist, Tina, has a foundation in design, we work with printers to introduce new printing techniques to the tarot in never before seen, fresh ways. We also work to make sure that the cards are made of the best quality materials. We were one of the first to introduce recycled plastic tarot cards in black, and at no additional cost for the upgraded materials.

We also aim to create companion apps for each deck, which are free of charge and developed by the artist as well. All of this is done with the idea that sacred knowledge should come for free. We hope you'll join the thousands of users learning tarot with our apps. We make no money on the apps, and depend on sales of our handsomely crafted decks to keep us going. 

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