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Our Tarot Philosophy

Make Your Own Magic

Though we are a school of monsters, spirits and shenanigans makers, we're serious about tarot. We mean business, and you bet your booty we care about it a whole darn lot. Our headmistress put together the tenets of our philosophy on tarot that should give you a pretty clear understandng on what our mission at Labyrinthos is.

We consist of everything the world consists of, each of us, and just as our body contains the genealogical table of evolution as far back as the fish and even much further, so we bear everything in our soul that once was alive in the soul of men.

Hermann Hesse, Demian

The cards don't control your fate. Learn Tarot and control yours.

We don’t believe in divination. We know this will probably alienate a lot of you, but we’re taking a big stance on that for one reason: we are here to give you control, not the cards, nor some old guy with a funny beard in the sky, or any other jerk that tries to tell you what to do or what your life will be like. Only you get to decide that.

Tarot is your mirror. The cards help you create your story.

Tarot is a language whose vocabulary is our universal experiences as humans, and if you learn to interpret it, it becomes a great tool that helps you develop your own narrative. What you read and interpret is a reflection of your own inner world. Exploring that is so important to self-development.

We make magic by manipulating symbols and telling our stories.

Our lives are a constant interchange between our inner and outer worlds. As humans, we are programmed to perceive ourselves reflected in everything. And we act according to those beliefs. Every single decision that we make shapes the world into being.

Thus, if we had deep self-knowledge, we could unlock every individual’s ability to change the world as we see it. If we all could be who we were really meant to be, we believe the world would be infinitely more interesting.

By connecting to yourself, you build deeper empathy with the world.

The stories the cards tell are common to all of us; we are all traveling the Fool’s Journey. The world is full of platforms that connect us technologically without teaching us how to form meaningful and authentic relationships. If we learn the story that is told within, we can start to find the commonalities between our stories and others. This is how we build bridges, how we learn to empathize with the other.

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