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Love this Velvet Moon Deck!

I absolutely love this deck, the quality and design is outstanding and great for using for clarifying. If you ever get this in a bigger version, I'll be one of the first to order!

I love this community

There are so many tarot resources on the web and in print, and none has felt like "home" like Labyrinthos. I consistently use the app, appreciating the tutorials and definitions that are worded in a thorough way that I can understand. Recently, I bought two tarot decks and the Tarot & Astrology workbook. They are beautiful and I can't wait to get to know and work with them. I'm very grateful for this resource and the levity with which the knowledge is given. It's like talking to an old friend.

Digital Workbook

I have only just started working through the book, but so far I’m enjoying the process. I try to do a card per day. The questions really make you dig deep and need to percolate down into the subconscious so I will definitely be revisiting them as my understanding groes. I like the fact that you can choose an image to represent each card and I enjoy looking through photos for relevant images, as I’m a very visual person. The digital format works rather well although I may print it out later on. The digital version was a good investment and reasonably priced. Thank you Labyrinthos.

Seventh Sphere RWS Tarot Deck

This deck is a dream. I felt an immediate connection and get very accurate readings. The colors, matte finish and foiled edges are gorgeous. I will be using this deck for years to come. (Unfortunately the images were misprinted so they appear closer to the left border than the right, but I love them so much I will embrace their quirkiness.)

Digital Tarot Workbook and Journal


I love this workbook. Helped me so much better understand how to put everything together

Velvet Moon Cards

From the moment I opened the cards, I felt drawn to them. The depth of the colors, the simplicity of the art, and the weight and feel of the cards are compelling for me. They are hard to shuffle because they're small and quite thick but that is not a deal breaker for me.

Seventh sphere tarot deck

Beautiful deck!

Tarot cards

Beautiful cards, thank you!!

I LOVE Labyrinthos

When I first started on my Tarot journey I found the Labyrinthos app and it became my go-to resource for learning Tarot. I was so excited when I was finally able to purchase Tina's book. It is such a helpful resource in facilitating my own intuition as I continue to become familiar with Tarot. Thank you, Tina, for creating something so special!

Elegant simplicity

The deck is drawn in all gold lines with simple, consice illustrations. The lines (or Golden Threads) are a degree hypnotic and a part prophetic: some threads don't behave within the frame on the card, some are straight or wavy, and all are full of deft, implied, psychic and rhythmic motion. Austerely printed on black, waterproof, untearable plates, they come nestled within a lovely, quality box and also included is a guide as reference, cleverly printed front-to-back, which keeps you thumbing through the booklet easily, making it a bonus as a useful tool. I'm so enthralled by them!

Well thought out!

I love this journal/workbook, it's laid out perfectly. It is really helping me on my Tarot journey. Thank you!

Beautiful Cards & Workbook!

The cards are beautiful and true to the images in the app. I love the two bonus cards as well! I’m having a great time with the workbook too, it’s really helping to learn the cards and associated elements in more than just keywords. There was also a minor print issue with the first workbook I received and on reaching out to Faculty about it, they almost immediately replied with a remedy and sent out a replacement! Wonderful products and wonderful service! Thank you!

Love these Oracle cards

I've been using the Labyrinthos app for a long time now, and it's truly amazing how much there is for free, including ad free! I was able to try everything and decided that the Oracle Astrology cards work best for me. I deal with anxiety on a regular basis and these cards help me to think clearly through my problems. I wanted to buy a physical deck of cards to show my appreciation for such a great app. I love the art style and the cards are high quality. Thank you for making these! :)

Couldn't Be Happier

I absolutely love this deck, the beautiful artwork really touched me, and I am so pleased to have this as my first deck. And it arrived on my birthday so I love it even more! The cards feel really nice and sturdy, with the gilded edges giving them a wonderful touch of fancy. The "book" box they came in is well-made and very aesthetically pleasing. I just couldn't be happier.

Love it

Very smooth feel and so pretty

Blown Away

Amazing deck! I am absolutely in love with the art work. I like the feel of the card stock. Everything. I love everything about it!

Tarot Workbook

Easy to use and learn the characters of the deck

Highly intuitive minimalist deck

The Tarot of the Velvet Moon deck is an easy transition from any RWS-based deck. Cards are of high quality, easy to shuffle, and great for larger spreads. What I love most is the almost perfectly square shape! I now prefer this deck over any other. It is worth noting that the gold type is difficult to read on many cards in the swords suit.

Love it!

I'm so happy with the golden thread tarot deck. Even down to the sounds it makes during shuffling! They're truly beautiful cards.


This is the second deck I've bought from Labyrinthos. I use it as part of my morning routine and they are gorgeous cards.

Gorgeous deck

Elegant and poignant designs. Great feel to the cards as well.

The cards are surprisingly small, for what they're worth.

But the design behind the cards are beautiful, yet slightly different from the RW Tarot aesthethic. These cards are obviously meant for intermediates, and NOT beginners.

Seventh Sphere Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Love it!

I love everything Tina does and this workbook has been so much fun as well. My advice is to fill it out at a slow pace and combine it with the review exercises in the app. A perfect way to learn and deepen your understanding of tarot. It also works like a great self-reflection journal. Couldn’t recommend it more!

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