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All Tarot Card and Lenormand Card Reviews

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Tarot Journal and Workbook

This has been truly a great purchase. This journal really helps you to get to know each card. I am grateful to have found Labrynthos. The App is perfect for learning as well. What a great community to learn all about Tarot and even the Moon. Love and light to all!
Maureen, Waterloo, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 ♥️

Amazing cards!!! Love my Golden Thread.

Please delete my previous 1-star review!!! I had an issue with a different online retailer and got confused!!! I’m so sorry!!!

The Golden Thread cards are INCREDIBLE! I adore them, their feel, and they’ve been incredible for reading. Thank you!!!


This is one of the most beautiful and easy books for new tarot readers. It's super complete but also concrete about every card meaning.

Such a beautiful, detailed deck!

A truly magnificent deck. Every detail is beautiful and feels high quality. The enclosed booklet was very informative and it's intended recipient loved it!

Really cool design

All the cards have unique and distinguishable elements, additionally these cards feel good on the hands


So far so good, helping me work through and analyze each card as it relates to me personally

Seventh Sphere RWS Tarot Deck

Beautiful deck, quality stock and nice packaging. Delivery service was good. Definitely need the support of the Labyrinthos app because the booklet is just a quick at-a-glance helper, however, the deck is very easy to read. I love everything about Labyrinthos especially our head monstress who designs these beautiful decks and offers a well designed app who's offerings are free for all to learn from and enjoy. Thank you Tina!


Absolutely beautiful deck, simple to read, and easy to shuffle! I love just looking at the cards and they give very clear messages.

Journal review

Ohhh my! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. I love it. It far exceeds any other I’ve used before. Thank you for creating it xx

Love Love Love


Golden Thread, Gold Quality

I've been using the Labyrinthos app for a while now but I didn't find these cards because of it. These cards' quality spoke for themselves and these were recommended to be independent to the app.
This deck is gorgeous. The gold lines are sharp and clean. The black is even and smooth.
The material of these cards is great. It strikes a nice mixture of sturdy enough that I'm not worried about breaking them and pliable enough to make for a satisfying shuffle.
The only complaint I've had so far (and this was partially my fault) after shuffling for about an hour straight I stopped being as even on my shuffle and noticed the cards can be a bit thin and dig into your fingers, but that hasn't come up once in normal use.
The case they came in is solid and slides close firmly enough that I'm not worried about the lid coming off on its own, but loose enough that I don't have to struggle to get my deck out.

Great Tarot Cards

I actually already had this deck, and had accidentally tossed the box with one of the suits still inside of it. I was so in love with the art style and design that I decided to simply buy a new complete deck. I am not really a believer in tarot but find it interesting and am excited to continuing studying tarot.

Glorious Deck

Despite a small mixup with the USPS, received my deck in excellent condition. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this deck is in person, it's just as cozy as it looks like it'll be on the website. Everyone's deck relationship is different, but for me, this deck really seems to be about unconditional love and helping you grow gently, so we are already getting along well. Highly recommend this deck.

Beautiful and cozy

I love the size and feel of this deck, and how approachable it feels. I'm not a beginner, but, I can imagine it would be a great beginner model!

I have been using this deck five years. Love it!!

The images speak to me and resonate much more than the Rider-Waite has. The traditional meanings are still there. The minimalist composition allows the strongest symbols to shine, unmistakable in their signicance.

The book is so much more than I expected. It has a holistic approach and explans in depth both what each card signifies, and the patterns within each suits and rank. The student can take detailed notes of what resonates on a personal level. There is space to record working with thr cards over time.

I purchased both the deck and book as a gift. Please treat yourself; save up if necessary. This deck is worth it! As others have mentioned the cards are sturdy, glorious to look at, and a pleasure to touch.

I love it all!!!

I love all the items I bought from Labryinoths. The silk alter cloth is amazing! So soft! I love the zodiac symbols all around it. It works perfectly with my Arcana Iris Sarcra Deck and claves astrologicae decks! ✨ The decks are nice quality, shuffle nice, and are not slippery. The deck is great for assistance in learning the astrological signs/card assignment, but also the Egyptian zodiac. I can't wait to dig in deeper and use them more!

Tarot Journal and Workbook


Beautiful workbooks and tarot deck! I'm eager to use them to better my understanding of tarot as a whole!

Beautiful addition to my collection

This is a gorgeous deck with its rose gold edges and highlights on each card. A very different artistry, just so unique. I was surprised that the minor arcana wasn’t illustrated more but still I love the deck.

Elegant deck, simple and clean

A beautiful deck. The black + gold pops well. The material of the cards is well sized and has a pleasant flex to it. While the minimalist designs were what drew me in initially, after trying to use it for a few readings it became apparent that each card has more than enough detail to get a strong feel for the arcana! Thanks for helping me meet this deck.

Gift for my son

The previous year I purchased the Golden Thread Tarot for him and he loves it. So this year I sent him the matching book and cloth. I think he's enjoying them as well!

Digital Tarot & Astrology Workbook

Love Cards

I love these tarot cards! Their beautiful. Light energy. Very happy with my purchase and I bought one for a gift too!

Tarot Of The Velvet Moon

I love this deck! The artwork, guidebook, and box are beautifully crafted. I love the feel of the cards and the gold foil on the sides. They are absolutely perfect!

Great and Lovely Workbook

I am a big fan of all of Tina's work. I am using the digital Tarot workbook. Aside from how helpful and insightful the book itself is, it is really easy to use as a fillable pdf. I am learning a lot about Tarot by using it, but more importantly a lot about myself.

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