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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to ship out?
If you placed an order before 2pm Eastern Time, your order should be shipped out the same day. You'll get a notification from us with the tracking number!

Orders placed after 2pm Eastern Time are shipped out the next business day.

I just placed an order and I want to change it. Can I do that?
Absolutely! You can change your order or add to it as long as we haven’t already sent it out for shipping. Please email us with your order number ASAP and we will gladly help you. Message us at faculty@labyrinthos.co!

I need to cancel my order, what do I do?
Email us faculty@labyrinthos.co. We will take care of you. We can only do this before your order is shipped out though!

What should I do if I did not receive an order confirmation?
Check your spam! If you entered the wrong email address, please contact us, we’ll look into it promptly faculty@labyrinthos.co 

How can I sell Labyrinthos Academy products in my store?
We would be honored for you to carry our decks! Head to our wholesaler's contact page and we will be in touch quickly.