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Get a free reading with one of our digital tarot apps.
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Do tarot readings really tell my future?

If you’re looking for a reading to tell you lottery numbers, you’re out of luck.

It doesn’t quite work like that. When it comes to getting a free tarot reading, you are still in control of your future. A reading clarifies your options while you remain in the driver’s seat, making the choices to create the life that is the best possible one for you.

Tarot readings are not for telling the future, but rather to explore your inner self.

Get insights on life’s biggest questions with a tarot reading

Tarot is a powerful tool to help you become your best self.

Whether it’s love, work, family or spiritual guidance, a free tarot reading from one of our apps can give you guidance on any aspect of your life’s journey. Use them to help gain clarity in the circumstances that surround you. Open up new perspectives and fresh ways of thinking through a problem.

Find Guidance in the Cards

Tarot readings from digital tarot apps are just as accurate as real tarot readings.

Are digital tarot readings real?

Yes! Because the magic is inside you, not something external.

Let’s be real, the magic is in the cards and what they symbolize, meaning that tarot readings drawn from a digital deck are just as likely to carry meaning as a real life deck. Where it’s helpful to have another person, is the creative, interpretation of the story behind your tarot reading. That being said, training yourself to find the meaning behind the cards is an incredibly rewarding skill set. Learn how to use the tarot for yourself, and you unlock the mysteries in your mind.

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Get the Golden Thread Tarot App and get tarot readings wherever you are.

For getting readings, we recommend the Golden Thread Tarot App. It contains many spreads that address different aspects of your life, while also giving you feedback into your own sub-conscious.

Download Golden Thread Tarot for Free Tarot Readings at the Apple iTunes Store Download Golden Thread Tarot for Free Tarot Readings at the Android Google Play Store
Get tarot readings with the Golden Thread Tarot app, complete with many spreads

Unlock your best self and start reading tarot today

Learn tarot and see yourself and your world in a new light

Curious to learn more tarot for yourself? All of our apps are geared towards teaching tarot for different purposes. For the absolute beginner, we recommend Labyrinthos Academy. It’s geared more towards learning that it is on giving tarot readings though, so using it in conjunction with Golden Thread Tarot is recommended.

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