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Labyrinthos Academy Crest: Tarot for Health, Wellness and Psychological Balance

Mental Health Resources

Because of the state of the US healthcare system, we're aware that many folks often use tarot or astrology as makeshift forms of counseling when other support systems are not available. In tarot, we sometimes seek comfort and reassurance during our most harrowing moments, but it cannot always provide that for us.

If this doesn't apply to you, and you know that your question is just for fun, that's great! We mean no disrespect. But for even the small sliver of people that use our app to handle depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, we think it's important to address this.

For everyone's safety, our Catssandra AI will not answer questions that appear to pose a threat to you or another person.

If you are in crisis, here are some resources we recommend.


Text, Chat or Phone Hotlines

  • Crisis Text Line: Free text support 24/7 within the United States. All counselors undergo extensive training. Their goal is to help you come down from a crisis moment.
  • 988 Lifeline: National Crisis Hotline. Call or text 988, or chat on the website link.
  • The Trevor Project: Counselors for LGBTQ youth. Or you can call 866-488-7386.
  • Trans Lifeline: Peer phone support for trans individuals in USA and Canada. Or you can call 877-565-8860.

Financial Assistance

  • Needy Meds: National non-profit providing discount cards for medication.
  • Pfizer Rx Pathway: Drug manufacturer's assistance program to help with co-pays and prescription costs. 
  • Together Rx Access: Provides discount cards for brand-name and generic medications. 

Finding a Therapist

  • Alma: If you have insurance, they match you up with a provider that is in-network while giving you transparent information about costs.
  • Psychology Today: One of the best known directories of mental health care professionals.
  • Good Therapy: Another large database of mental health professionals.



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