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A minimalist iconographic tarot card deck printed with gold foil on sleek, matte, recycled plastic.

Golden Thread Tarot Deck

A minimalist iconographic tarot card deck printed with gold foil on sleek, matte, recycled plastic.
$49.00 USD

Golden Thread Tarot: A Light in the Dark

Though originally starting out as an illustration project to help me create closer connections to each card, the project quickly evolved into a physical deck as well as a companion app. 

The design of the deck was inspired by the concept of the night, and the archetype of a single string that connected all things within the universe, threading images in a murky unknown. 

Golden Thread Tarot Deck: A Modern Minimal Gold Foil Tarot Card Set
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Golden Thread Tarot Deck: A Modern Minimal Gold Foil Tarot Card Set

The Labyrinthos Tarot App: Tarot for Self Development

Golden Thread Tarot is compatible with the Labyrinthos App, a companion app designed and launched by yours truly. It's completely free, without ads and is only supported by purchases of the tarot decks you see on this site. 

The Labyrinthos tarot app focuses on the philosophy of teaching tarot as a tool for introspection, tieing together an ancient tradition with a modern approach to wholistic wellness. 

The app comes with the following features: 
☽ Digital readings
☽ Guided physical readings with deck of your choice
☽ Database of tarot card meanings
☽ Tarot journal to save important readings
☽ Tarot lessons with foundational philosophy
☽ Your Mirror: we analyze the data and give you patterns on yourself and your readings. 

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  • This Product: Golden Thread Tarot Deck - $49.00 USD
  • Tarot Journal and Workbook - $48.00 USD
  • Golden Thread Lenormand Deck - $41.00 USD

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A minimalist iconographic tarot card deck printed with gold foil on sleek, matte, recycled plastic.

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• 78 cards total, major and minor arcana
• 70 x 120 mm each
• Matte recycled black plastic with gold foil stamping
• Foldout with keywords

Customer Reviews

Based on 756 reviews
My First Tarot Deck

This beautiful little deck was everything I was expecting and more. Just shuffling through the cards is so fun with the way they feel in my hands, and I'm looking forward to connecting with the cards more as time goes on.

Dustin W.
Absolutely Perfect - No Complaints

Fast shipping, high-quality, and I'm absolutely in love with this deck.

Eric J.M.
Beautifully designed and perfect for everyday use!

The cards are beautiful, they have such a great look. The art is powerful, it is moving, everyone who sees my deck has absolutely loved it. They have a great weight to them, too. They aren't flimsy, they feel good in your hands. I love doing readings with these cards, I haven't had them for long but they mean a lot to me already.

Maxwell H.
Awesome cards

These cards are absolutely amazing. Being made of plastic makes them so easy to shuffle and I don't have to worry so much about damaging them.

Crystalin J.
Review on my deck

I absolutely love my deck! The designs are simple yet elegant, and the idea of having them on plastic makes them water resistant at the least, which is perfect in the event an accident occurs, the cards aren’t ruined. I was surprised how thin yet sturdy they were, which adds to the quality. Five stars all round!

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Golden Thread Tarot and Lenormand Set


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