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Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update

Hello friends! ✨ It’s been a long long time since I posted anything here about any app updates. If you’ve been following along closely on Instagram, you may have noticed a few stories we posted earlier about some changes to the main Labyrinthos App that I’ve been slowly working on....

Open Call for Tarot Spreads!

I have been getting a few pokes from users on including more spreads. While I've started adding a few spreads of my own into the mix, I realized this would actually be a pretty awesome way of sharing some of the collective wisdom of the tarot community while highlighting some of our members.

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Labyrinthos Academy Testing Brigade

Howdy everyone! This is an open call to see whether any of you would be gracious enough to volunteer for our on-going testing program. Due to our increasing number of users, I felt like this has become necessary in order to avoid scary blunders for the larger population.

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August Labyrinthos Academy Updates

Hey there everyone! This will be the first of some updates that will now be going out every month about the progress of this and other related activities, like Golden Thread Tarot. Be sure to sign up at our newsletter if you'd like to stay in the loop.

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