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How to Create a Sacred Space in your Home

By Tina Gong


Sometimes the outer world can be chaotic, tumultuous and violent - and when that happens it is a true test of will, spirit and courage, to give love when it is most needed. We’re reminded of this in the very recent past events, and our challenge now is to go inward and see the humanity within all of us - and that is one hell of a quest. 

Finding the time and place to nurture our own selves in order to radiate love outward, can be difficult. But developing your own little corner of the universe that brings you calm, and invites you to tackle inner challenges can make that challenge easier.

What is a sacred space?

A close up example of the current permutation of my altar

We see the term sacred space being used around more commonly these days amongst those of us that practice spiritual and holistic lifestyles. We use the term “sacred” not to necessarily designate any particular religious meaning, though it can be used in that way. Regardless of whether we have any religious affiliation, having a sacred space can be particularly useful to give peace to wary minds. It is within these sacred spaces where we can feel safe, contemplate our paths, and meditate on our futures.

Finding the perfect place for a sacred space

Ideally, your sacred space should be quiet - away from work spaces or areas of your home that are frequently traveled. This allows your space to feel protected, and separate from the daily hustle, so distractions from the world will be less likely to intrude on your most important task here.

A lot of us live in small apartments, so don’t feel shy about using corners, shelves, window-sills or other parts of a room as your sacred space. It might be helpful to install a curtain or something that keeps this section separate.

My sacred space is a little altar that I’ve installed in my home library, between two windows and across from the large doors.

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Adding items to your sacred space or altar

Some examples of items I've used for my own sacred space and altar

The items that we place in our sacred space are usually of personal significance. There’s likely already items in your own house that are filled with emotional attachment already, and you can consider moving these here to help remind you of your intention. 

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Talismans - gifts and keepsakes from loved ones
  • Art - whether it’s your own or another’s
  • Photographs - can be of loved ones or even other far off places
  • Statues - traditional symbols of divine and protective energies
  • Crystals - each of which have their own special significance
  • Candles and incense - use these to create stimulation for your other senses
  • Plants, flowers and other living things
  • Meditation tools such as Tarot or Runes
  • Sacred texts

Cleanse and purify your sacred space with a ritual

When you feel like your space is ready, it’s a good time to give it a cleanse. Consider this like an inauguration ceremony. I do this occasionally also when I feel like the space needs some kind of purification - or negative feelings have been floating around me. The most common way to do this is through using a smudge stick - usually made with white sage.

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