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Symbol Meanings in Tarot Cards - Plants

The archetype of plants are often seen as symbols of growth, and metaphorically can mean the growth of the spirit. Symbolically, they carry a life force, one which may wither only to grow again.

Tarot pulls its symbols from a vast pool of knowledge that we all share as humans. Carl Jung called this the collective unconscious. It's the same symbols that we use when our minds create dreams, weaving them into complex patterns whose meanings we strive to find in waking life.

We're producing a few supplementary guides on how to access some of the symbolism and mysticism with tarot. Find all of them on the blog!


Tree Symbolism - Tree Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Meaning of Tree Symbol in Tarot

Coming from a tiny seed, the tree germinates into something that is grand, a metaphor of the human development process. It reaches high into the sky with its branches, as well as deep below with its roots, signifying a natural balance.

Tarot Cards Associated with the Tree:

  • The Hanged Man
  • 4 of Cups
  • Temperance


Flower Symbolism - Flower Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Meaning of Flower Symbol in Tarot

Symbols of renewal, of the earth becoming vivid an beautiful again after long winters. But beauty is also fragile and short lived, for it does not take long for the flower to fade and wither.

Tarot Cards Associated with Flowers:

  • 4 of Wands
  • 6 of Cups


Garden Symbolism - Garden Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Meaning of Garden Symbol in Tarot

A garden exists with interplay of man with the forces of nature. They are somewhat closed off realms which are dedicated to pleasure and respite, and are in some cultures where we begin life, and end it.

Tarot Cards Associated with Gardens:

  • The Empress
  • The Lovers


Root Symbolism - Root Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Meaning of Root Symbol in Tarot

Meaning a foundation and origin. They are the source of stability and support for the whole plant. There is a certain feeling of perseverance in the roots of a plant, that seek out life despite being in soil that seems empty.

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