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Tarot and Numerology: What do numbers in Tarot Mean for the Minor Arcana? (Infographic)

By Tina Gong


Though numbers in the tarot are not the main focus of the readings, they can be extremely helpful in giving a second dimension to the reading itself. When you take a look at numbers in your reading, see if you can find any patterns. Which numbers are more prominent? Are you seeing a lot of twos, or eights? Seeing multiples of the same number can represent needing to work on a particular aspect in your life, or the same issue in your life taking different forms.

When looking at the minor arcana, which we are going to be doing in this post, it’s pretty straightforward to associate the numbers with each card. Each of these numbers tell a story with a similar structure, played out in different ways depending on their suit.

We’ll take a look at the major arcana in a different post later! If you find these helpful, but hard to remember or put into action, let us know. We’ll give a shot adding them later into the Labyrinthos Academy exercises. To get the full infographic, scroll down to the end.

Tarot Numerology: Minor Arcana

Ones in Tarot

Something new with vast potential is indicated when you have many aces in your readings. They are pure energy without form - and it depends on you to shape it and bring the opportunities that they represent into fruition. Because they are raw, they are also unstable, and can very quickly overwhelm if not taking care.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the aces or ones mean in tarot?

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Twos in Tarot

Coming together in pairs is the theme of the twos, and all the complexities that this union represents. We leave the individuality of the ones, and the twos are a taste of union. For the most part, the twos represent harmony, and a merging of opposite forces to create a whole. Sometimes this balance is so perfect that it’s difficult to move forward and cause paralysis when you must make a choice.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the twos mean in tarot?

Threes in Tarot

Group dynamics rule the threes in the tarot, and they depict different outcomes that can occur when a group comes together - whether they are groups of individuals, or groups of ideas. Because it is also symbolically thought of as completion (the first polygon, the holy trinity, etc) it also indicates an initial completion of a first phase of some sort.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the threes mean in tarot?

Fours in Tarot

The fours usually indicate that some foundation has been created and is ready to grow and evolve. To grow and evolve is the key here, because though the foundation is created, there is some disappointment indicated sometimes because things may not have progressed entirely as hoped for - thus, the fours are also the universe’s way of pushing us to grow and move forward.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the fours mean in tarot?

Fives in Tarot

Change, fluctuations and conflict are represented by the fives. After the fours, the fives are amplifications of that same energy. When that energy explodes, the fives ask us to look within our selves for a deeper reason of why to progress. To move forward and beyond these instabilities, we have to push forward.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the fives mean in tarot?

Sixes in Tarot

While the fives represent conflict, the sixes represent the movement away from that conflict into a solution, whether they are internal or external, whether that means reconciliation or letting go. They are the cards of overcoming suffering, light after the dark.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the sixes mean in tarot?

Sevens in Tarot

When seeing many sevens in a reading it usually indicates that it is a time to step back and introspect. The sevens ask us to assess, and reevaluate whether the path that you are taking is what is best for you. Sometimes this is a lonely pursuit, but this period is needed to go forward with your authentic desires.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the sevens mean in tarot?

Eights in Tarot

A completion of a second phase is indicated with the eights, and usually corresponds to some sort of achievement, whether in the worldly sense, or in an emotional sense. Growth either way is indicated here, and sometimes it can take place in a form where we least expected it.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the eights mean in tarot?

Nines in Tarot

Nearing completion is indicated by the nines, and this can take the form of entering a plateau of some sort. What looks like the finish line, may actually be just a transitory stage. While the feeling of completion is here, it is usually just a pause before the final part of the cycle comes.

Tarot and Numerology - what do the nines mean in tarot?

Tens in Tarot

In the tens, we see the actual completion of the cycle, that something has come to a full circle - it indicates that from this point forward, we can move towards a new beginning. 

Tarot and Numerology - what do the tens mean in tarot?

Full Infographic: Tarot Numerology in the Minor Arcana

Full Infographic: Tarot and Numerology / Minor Arcana

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