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Tarot Birth Card Combination Meanings: The World & The Empress

By Tina Gong


An Introduction to Tarot Birth Cards

One little known concept of tarot are tarot birth cards. Like astrological natal charts, they provide a fascinating way to explore your life path and personal growth by using your birth date. Your birth cards give you insight into your strengths, weaknesses, potential and where this current life is meant to take you.


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Summary of the Empress and the World Tarot Card Meanings

The Empress tarot card is the card of unconditional love and great creative energy. It symbolizes a period of rapid growth, abundance and motherly love. It can also suggest a strong connection to nature and the need to nurture oneself and others. In readings, the Empress card often encourages embracing one's feminine energy as well as creating a beautiful, serene and luxurious environment.

Your life path is self actualization guided by love.

The World on the other hand, embodies culmination, fulfillment, and spiritual enlightenment in the greatest sense. As the final major arcana card, it signifies the completion of a significant life event or a profound journey, as well as the deep satisfaction that this brings. Although one chapter in life has been completed, this card reminds us that life is a continuous cycle, and each ending is but a gateway to a new beginning.

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Card Pair Meaning of the Empress and the World Tarot Cards

When the World and the Empress tarot cards come together, not necessarily as just birth cards, the two of them suggest a profound and harmonious partnership in creative matters, culminating in both emotional and tangible satisfaction.

The Empress provides incredible energy and vitality, as well as resources of all kinds. She also nurtures her goals and aspirations with patience and love, navigating her life with care and consideration.

The World suggests that creative projects or personal endeavors will flourish and reach their full potential. Ambitions are achieved, and the process has helped you find a sense of place and purpose.

In short, the Empress is the practice of love and dedication, while the World is the result of this practice, providing satisfaction and fulfillment. Remember to celebrate your achievements while always keeping in mind the nurturing spirit that brought you here in the first place!

Tarot Birth Cards: The Empress and The World Combination Meaning - Life Path

Empress and World Tarot Birth Cards

When it comes to tarot birth cards, this life path is one of love; learning to live and act with love in mind. It is through learning to give and receive love, do you find a sense of peace, belonging, wholeness, self-understanding and purpose in the physical world.

The World, ruled by Saturn, emphasizes the importance of remaining in the present moment and diligently tending to life’s tasks. On the other hand, The Empress, under the influence of Venus, shifts the focus towards love and compassion. It embodies all the nurturing qualities of the feminine principle, placing deep significance on cultivating a tranquil and harmonious environment.

Together, the World and the Empress suggest a life path that combines the pursuit of personal fulfillment and enlightenment with a strong inclination toward nurturing and creating abundance. You are likely to seek balance and harmony in your life's journey, valuing both your own growth and the well-being of those around you. Your path may involve exploring different cultures, experiencing various aspects of life, and using your creative energy to bring beauty and abundance into the world. Your wisdom and insights will be instrumental in guiding you along this fulfilling life path.

Your life's journey centers on the goal of self-actualization; the process of harmonizing all the fragmented aspects of your identity to attain a profound sense of belonging in this world. Along this path, your guiding force behind your choices will be the profound power of love. This inherent loving and nurturing facet within you serves as your guiding light toward fulfillment; a precious gift you generously offer to all those you encounter.

The World and Empress Tarot Birth Cards Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Creative Talent: This combination is excellent for creative endeavors. The Empress represents nurturing and abundance, while The World signifies completion and mastery. Together, they indicate of creative fulfillment, giving a special boost to your artistic projects.
  2. Family and Nurturing: This pair is well-suited for matters related to family and relationships. The Empress symbolizes maternal care and love, while The World indicates a harmonious and fulfilling conclusion. You may find deep connection and fulfillment within family bonds.
  3. Personal Growth and Fulfillment: The World encourages personal growth and spiritual fulfillment, and The Empress emphasizes self-care and nurturing. Together, they provide a the potential to experience personal fulfillment through self-care and self-discovery.
  4. Success and Abundance: The combination is also associated with success and abundance, both in material and emotional aspects of life. Should you put in the work, your efforts are likely to yield fruition.

Tarot Birth Cards: The World and the Empress - Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Overindulgence: The Empress may sometimes be associated with overindulgence or excessive nurturing, which can lead to complacency or stagnation. The World's sense of completion may make it easier for you to rest on your laurels, potentially hindering personal growth and progress.
  2. Overemphasis on Material Success: While the combination encourages material success and abundance, it can sometimes lead to an overemphasis on materialistic pursuits at the expense of spiritual or emotional fulfillment. Try and maintain a balance between worldly achievements and inner growth.
  3. Lack of Challenge: Achieving a sense of mastery and fulfillment can sometimes lead to a lack of challenge in life. Without challenges to stimulate personal development, you might find yourself feeling unfulfilled or stagnant.
  4. Risk Aversion: The stability and completion energy of the World may make you risk-averse, fearing change or uncertainty. This can potentially limit your ability to seize new opportunities that could lead to further growth.

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