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Square Aspect Meaning in Astrology

By Tina Gong


What is a Square Aspect in Astrology?

When you divide the natal chart by 4, you get a 90° angle. With this, we get the square planetary aspect, which represents challenges and conflict between the planets involved. When the planets in our natal charts are square to each other, each planet becomes stressed - there is no easy win that is available to either of them - meaning each has to put in effort to meet the other halfway.

Square aspect meaning - Major Planetary Aspect Meanings - Relationship Between Planets in Astrology, Zodiac Signs and Natal Charts

The Square Aspect and Planets

In the square planetary aspect, neither planet will want to compromise - creating a kind of internal conflict within the self.

Let’s take a look at an example of the square planetary aspect at work. Let’s say we have a natal chart where Venus in Sagittarius, which means you can be more adventurous than most and you are usually not worried about the negative consequences of your actions. Then, you can have Jupiter in Virgo which means you analyze each small detail of an action. If these two planets were to form a square, there may be moments when you’ll want to be adventurous and carefree, while other times you’ll want to be careful and study each detail.

For example, if we had a natal chart where Mercury (ruling communication, ideas, intellect) squares the Moon (feelings, unconscious, habits), that person may have a hard time communicating their emotions. The rational side of the character, represented by Mercury, will have a hard time accepting the deeper, inner emotions of the Moon.

As a result, the planets with with this aspect will take a lot more time to find achievement in those areas areas. However, the upside is that the hard work of the struggle tends to pay off in the end as the two come together. This won’t be a harmonious integration, but rather a tough adjustment as the gains await to be realized.

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What Can the Square Aspect Reveal About Personality?

There’s a tendency with the Square aspect to avoid big decisions pertaining to those planets unless faced with no choice. There will come a point in time when the square’s energy will push you into a situation where change is inevitable. As this is happening, you need to examine all the good and bad things about the situation and then negotiate for the best possible outcome. The square planetary aspect will also make you more self-reflecting - you’ll need this in order to regain balance after taking action on the areas in your life where the square aspect takes place.

There can be up to 4 planets that form a square together, although it is normally just 2 or 3 planets. A T-Square is when it’s 3 planets come together, and Grand Square is when it’s 4 planets.

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  • R Pristine
    Saturn in Pisces squares mercury in gemini within a degree(applying ).will it harm mercury?

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