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3 Tips for Asking Lenormand Questions

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3 Tips for Asking Lenormand Questions

Just as with tarot reading, one very overlooked part of getting great answers out of the lenormand is asking the right question. Lenormand cards are a system with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, meaning that the kinds of answers that they give are suited better to answering certain questions.

Asking the right kind of lenormand question can make the biggest difference in your reading, and can affect the following:

  1. The overall message that you get - whether it is clear or confused
  2. The ease of reading the message
  3. Your feelings around the cards - whether you come from a reading feeling inspired or discouraged

So what can we do to make sure that we are giving ourselves the best chance at an insightful lenormand reading? The following is a short list of guidelines you can follow to make sure you get the most insight out of your Lenormand readings as you can.

Ask Focused, Specific and Simple Lenormand Questions

In general, Lenormand cards are known to give answers with precision, and sometimes they can even be a bit blunt. But asking the kinds of questions that don’t cater to their strengths can make the answers confusing. To get clear answers from the lenormand, it means that you’ll need to ask clear questions as well. Try and be very aware of exactly what it is you want your lenormand reading to answer, and read from within that context.

Set a Time Period for your Lenormand Questions

As part of the first tip, sometimes - depending on what you’re trying to learn, you may need to formulate your question with a specific time frame in mind. If you’re asking about the future, don’t let parts of the past creep into your answer. This can be easier said than done. For example, when we’re asking about our future work prospects, it may be easy to interpret the snake card, and immediately think of that coworker that has been spreading rumors about you at work in your last job. But this may lead you astray. If you’re asking about the future, keep your interpretations of the cards based in the future too.

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Give Each Lenormand Question Its Own Spread

Because Lenormand is all about asking simple and precise questions and getting simple and precise answers, you may find that your first question leads to more questions! That is pretty normal, especially if you’re using a smaller spread. For each and every clarifying question you’d like to ask, you may find it helpful to use a short spread, like a line of 3 or a line of 5. Sometimes even a single pair may help you find the answer that you’re looking for.

3 Tips for Asking Lenormand Questions Infographic

3 Tips for Asking Lenormand Questions Infographic

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