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Dealing with Negative Tarot Cards - The Scariest Tarot Cards and What to Do

Imagine this scenario, you’ve gotten yourself all psyched up for a tarot reading - after all, it’s one that’s all about understanding your potential and what you can give the world. You’ve done all your homework; you’re asking the right questions, you’ve cleared your mind to accept the messages that you will be given.

You wait with anticipation as you flip over the card - and suddenly, your hopes are dashed. It’s the 10 of swords, a card with particularly disturbing imagery. Now you’re supposed to make the connection between what your greatest value is, and one of the most traditionally negative cards in the deck. How do even interpret this? Alongside being just confusing, you may find that your hopes and expectations have been dashed.

Negative Tarot Cards: A Common Fear

One frustration that I consistently see others have is getting traditionally negative tarot cards in their tarot reading. Nobody likes getting these cards; they are much less welcomed than the happy sun or star tarot card. And if you’re getting a reading with the preconceived (and we think, harmful) notion that tarot is predictive and foretells ones destiny - these cards can cause a mild panic attack.

I’ll preface this article with what I tell everyone that asks me about negative tarot cards. It’s not about the card that you draw, it’s about how you interpret the cards that reveal your relationship with the world around you. Although it can always be tempting, don’t place blame on the cards that you draw; learn to take the initiative and try and learn from them. Like with life, we can’t choose what happens to us, nor the cards that we are dealt; we can only learn how to make the best of that draw. If you delve deeper into each tarot card, you’ll learn that each one has its own lesson. How we live our lives is determined not by what happens to us, but by the stories that we choose to tell ourselves.

Finally, I do see some people deal with negative cards by redrawing until they find something they like. I would try and discourage you from doing that. There is no way to erase negativity from our lives, to do so would destroy the balance, and wipe our lives of meaning. Challenges bring us chances to expand and grow, and turn bitterness into beauty.

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Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards

The following list of interpretations below is not meant to be exhaustive, but offer some insight into how you can transform traditionally negative interpretations into meanings that are much less scary.


Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Death Tarot Card

If there was ever a perfect example of changing ones perspective about a tarot card meaning, this would be it. Of course, this card can mean the ending of a cycle and loss (it almost never means actual death, despite what the movies tell you), but it also can mean transformation and the crossover to a new beginning. It’s best to think about this card as “crossing a threshold” of sorts; you can choose to understand it as an ending, but sometimes, it can also bring you freedom and a blank slate to start over.

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Ask yourself:

What is going through transition in my life? What thresholds am I crossing? Where can I start over?

The Devil

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Devil Tarot Card

If you’ve been raised in a traditionally religious community, getting this card can be frightening. Even in the tarot, the Devil card is associated with addiction and enslavement - especially the material world.  Personally, the devil for me has always been a symbol of open rebellion, challenging traditions (especially patriarchal ones), and of pleasure. For some reason or another, some religious traditions have a habit of devaluing the material world (which includes nature!) in favor of the spiritual and celestial, but our earthly plane is also one that is meant to be treasured.

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Ask yourself:

What dark side of myself needs to be integrated? What assumptions do I have about pleasure, sex and enjoyment can I set aside?

The Tower

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Tower Tarot Card

The image in the tower tarot card is not one that is easy to ingest, which is why it is commonly associated with disaster. But the card also is generally associated with a foundational change. It is the breaking of illusions, which though is never easy to experience, can also mean a chance to shift towards a better future. You can consider this card an awakening to a higher truth.

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Ask yourself:

Where in my life am I experiencing a breakthrough? What illusions have been shattered?

Three of Swords

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Three of Swords Tarot Card

While your first impression of this card may make you jump immediately to heartbreak and grief, you can also pause and consider that this card has the suit of swords. Cups are usually associated with emotion, while swords are associated with thought and ideas. Whatever it is that is causing us pain, if we think about that situation logically, perhaps we understand that we needed to feel this pain. Truth is also associated with the suit of swords, and sometimes, it can hurt. We may need to cut away things that no longer serve us, but that can be painful.

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Ask yourself:

What painful choice do I need to make? What is painful to lose but must be faced for me to grow?

Nine of Swords

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Nine of Swords Tarot Card

The nine of swords is commonly associated with anxiety and fear; something is keeping you up at night that you don’t want to deal with. For me however, this card is also a card that reminds me that whatever I am fearing is never as bad as the picture I paint in my mind. You can take this card as a nudge to have courage and peek into what you are fearing the most.

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Ask yourself:

What is the worst that can happen? And what is most likely to happen? How does fear and anxiety change the way I act or block my progress and growth?

Ten of Swords

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Ten of Swords Tarot Card

The image associated with this card is perhaps one of the most scary to appear in a reading - and this is probably one of the scariest cards I could draw for myself personally, out of all the ones listed here. This card is associated with violence, backstabbing and betrayal - one that you won’t see coming. However, it also means that there are no more secrets. What was hidden is now revealed, and the worst of it is over. Though the truth is painful, you can now confront it head on.

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Ask yourself:

What have I confronted? Was it as awful as I thought it would be? How can I progress towards healing from this?

Five of Pentacles

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards - Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

Financial troubles are always something that are really hard to deal with - let alone even talk about, meaning this card can have a strong effect on a tarot reading. In general, it can also symbolize hardships and adversity. However, this card also reminds us that if we are resourceful enough, we can find a way out. The next card in the pentacles series is the 6 of pentacles, which implies getting help from outside sources. Oftentimes what binds us is our inability to express our needs, and the shame of suffering.

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Ask yourself:

Where can I find help? How can I overcome my shame to find community?

Reframing Negative and Scary Tarot Cards Infographic

Reframing Negative Tarot Cards and Scary Tarot Cards - Full Infographic


  • Kate Catchlove
    Very grateful for the alternative interpretations. I get a lot of swords in my personal readings so I’m not scared of them anymore; they just require courage to face.
  • Amy
    Thank you so much for putting the most intimidating cards into perspective. I agree with Monica about the suit of Swords – very intimidating to me as well. Thank you again!
  • Sabitha
    Thank you so much… Helping me to see the other side of Negative cards.
  • monica
    This was amazing — I was really in a funk when I got the nine of swords (the whole swords suite just seems so intense to me overall lol) but this article and BEAUTIFUL infographic was really helpful! Thank you for sharing these awesome perspectives :)

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