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Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update

By Tina Gong


Hello friends! ✨

It’s been a long long time since I posted anything here about any app updates. If you’ve been following along closely on Instagram, you may have noticed a few stories we posted earlier about some changes to the main Labyrinthos App that I’ve been slowly working on. I’ve officially finished building the main chunk of features that I originally set out to do. As I’m writing this, the update is going through Apple’s App Store review process, and I’ve released it to about 30% of users on Android so far. (Edit: It's been released!) I hope you’re all excited!

What's With This Update?

You may be wondering, if Golden Thread is the most popular app, what am I doing here working on Labyrinthos? As you know, over time, my tarot projects have evolved to grow beyond the scope of one single deck. I wanted to explore different tarot systems and methodologies, as well as new artistic directions for the decks I’ve created. The technology portion has always been a core part of what I’ve wanted to do - it is a free resource for those that cannot afford to get decks, but still want to enjoy them, and for me, it is my way of contributing something, however small, to the tarot community that gives so so much.

But I am still one person, meaning that as I create more decks with different visions, the idea of constructing (and more importantly, maintaining) entirely new apps from scratch felt exhausting and overwhelming. Every time there was a new update to iOS or Android, there would be issues, every time a new framework update came out, there would be issues. And that meant I had to spend a lot of time bug fixing for four different apps, instead of building new features. It sucked. And I am the first to admit that I didn’t do that well. This new Labyrinthos App is meant to give me the chance to maintain just one main app, that contains the best parts of all the apps I’ve done so far. That means, sadly, yes - the old ones will no longer be updated.

Labyrinthos Tarot App Updates: Major Changes

I’d like to go ahead and take some time now to review all the changes that are available with the new Labyrinthos app. A lot of these have been requested throughout the history of coding all my apps, so thank you to everyone that gave me feedback over this long span of time. I know that a lot of my responses were to let you know I’d eventually work on it. It’s been a long time, so I thank you also for being so patient with me - I humbly hope these changes have proven worth the wait.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update - Tarot Readings

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Choosing your Tarot Deck in the New Labyrinthos Tarot App

One of the requests we got for the original Labyrinthos App was to be able to select the deck that you’d like to learn with. Now you’ll be able to do just that with all the decks that I’ve illustrated. You can change this at any time. Choose the deck that you like the most, or just switch it up based on your mood! The selected decks will affect the following features of the app:

  1. The deck that you read with. When you save the reading, the app remembers which deck you read with. Logs appear with that deck.
  2. The deck that you do lessons with.
  3. The deck whose meanings you’ll see in the reference section (tarot deck meanings are all slightly different).

Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update - Profile Section

Turning off Reversals in the New Labyrinthos Tarot App

By far the most requested feature in *all* of our apps was the ability to turn off reversed cards. This was a bit of an oversight when we first built Golden Thread, which meant that the code for reversals was just everywhere and surprisingly hard to change. Thankfully, starting the app from scratch made it a bit easier.

Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update - Tarot Journaling

Tarot Journaling in the New Labyrinthos Tarot App

Another one of the most in-demand features was to include just a freeform notes section. This was included, along with the ability to edit them. As usual, you can delete them by swiping left and tapping the trash can. When viewing all logs, you can sort by earliest or latest, as well as search by notes or question.

A word on previous version logs: because this app is meant to be the spiritual successor to all the previous apps, you can import saved readings from other apps. There is a small section in the profile page to pull them manually. They will appear with the correct deck in the logs section. If you delete the log here that has been imported from an old app, it deletes the log from the old app as well.

Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update - Tarot Avatar

Tarot Classes and Lenormand Classes in the New Labyrinthos Tarot App

These have stayed mostly the same, except that you can select the deck you’d like to use here. Obviously, Lenormand classes were added as well. The system should now be flexible enough for us to include other trivia in the future. We also included, by user request, the ability to test larger sets of data, like the entire major arcana, the entire suit of wands, cups, swords, pentacles, etc.

Labyrinthos Academy Tarot App Free Update - Story

Avatars and Story Updates in the New Labyrinthos Tarot App

The old Labyrinthos app had three classes: witches, wizards and mages - which had no practical effect on the app itself besides visual changes. This seemed to confuse a lot of people. I removed that in favor of tweaking the levels and avatars to something that I believe falls in better line with the tarot itself. As you know, the tarot is about the “Fool’s Journey”, and the app’s levels are now altered to reflect that. Your avatar is now customizable (another request!) based on your level. There are 22 avatars in total that you can choose from.

Doppelgänger is still here to chat with you, but currently he’ll be limited to cutscenes. Oh yes, we have cutscenes. This is currently still in development, but I’m are also planning a loose story to include as you go through the levels. As you level up, you’ll be able to unlock “memories”, which you can view in the profile section. (Oh yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild lately - so I borrowed that system from “memories” on your Sheikah Slate! 🤓)

Sharing Your Readings in the New Labyrinthos Tarot App

Our old sharing features were…a bit pitiful. They basically did nothing but take a screenshot of the app - which was incredibly complicated and didn’t work sometimes because of permissions issues. In addition to building the app, I instead decided to build a mini site that programmatically spits out readings depending on parameters that you pass to the URL. That means all possible readings can be generated on this thing. When you share, we’ll just share a link, which should contain everything (your spread, your deck, your cards, meanings, keywords, positions, etc). Way better than just a crummy screenshot, no?

I know that’s a lot to cover, so I hope you held on with me there! Let me know how you feel about these updates in the comments below. If you’re looking for anything in particular, let us know too! I'm working on developing some of the more popular requests that came in, but I'd like to keep things secret for now until they’re…a bit more tangible. 😉

Where Can I get the App?

In case you scrolled all the way down here to find the links, you can download the app for Android and iOS here:

Labyrinthos Academy Crest: Tarot for Health, Wellness and Psychological Balance


  • Tina
    @Drawxd – some folks read with reversed cards, meaning if the card is upside down, it has a different meaning than right side up. Not everyone though, thus we made a setting so that people can disable this feature if they don’t use it. @The Tower – Just fixed that bug and submitted the changes to the app store today. I’m waiting for approval to get it through. You may need to log out and log in again. If you still have troubles, email me at the contact form (there’s a link in the footer) and I can help you out.
  • Drawxd
    I don’t get the reversals true false function, what does it do?
  • G.G.
    I logged into my app this morning and was completely blown away by the aesthetic! It’s far more suiting! You did such a wonderful job for one person! You are truly inspirational! The Breath of the Wild aspect sounds stellar actually, and I don’t blame you for being inspired by it. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT!!!! Keep up the rad witchery!
  • The Tower
    For some reason, whenever i achieve a new avatar, and Go to profile and pick avatar there is only one choice: The fool.

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