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The Moon Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for Navigating Confusion

Summary of the Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Following the light of their guiding Star, the Fool continues forward. But before them there is no path, no signals, no markers, only endless night. Where the Fool needs to go is where nobody has ever gone before, and they have only instinct as their guide. In this dark thicket, the Fool senses movement, but is unable to make out the shadowy figures. As the Fool approaches a clearing, they see a lake. Two moons shine, one above the lake and one within it. In their current state of bewilderment, the Fool is unable to distinguish between the reflection and the sky.

Light: Instinct, fantasy, mystery, unknown
Shadow: Illusion, confusion, delusion

To learn more, read the full Moon tarot card meaning.

When to Use This Tarot Spread

  • When you feel you have to take action without having much context.
  • When you are looking to evaluate your assumptions before making a choice or taking action.

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The Moon Tarot Card Spread

The Moon Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for Navigating Confusion

  1. Darkness - What is unseen. What knowledge are you missing? What is hidden and currently unknown to you?
  2. Moon - Your intuitive assessment of the situation. What is your gut reaction?
  3. Reflection - The illusion. What are your biases, prejudices or assumptions? How are they being reflected in your daily life?
  4. Dog - A friendly companion. What can aid you in finding clarity?
  5. Wolf - Danger. What instincts lead you astray? What do you need to avoid, or watch out for?
  6. Path - What is my next step? Where do I go from here?

A Note on the Fool's Journey Tarot Spreads: This is part of a series of tarot spreads inspired by the lessons of the Fool’s Journey, represented by the major arcana of the tarot. Since each major arcana card embodies a stage in one’s life journey, a lesson, or an archetype, we can use them as the foundations to explore moments of our own personal journeys. They also happen to be great ways to explore the meanings of each of these tarot cards in a very personal way.

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