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The Sun Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for Illumination

Summary of the Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The dawn finally arrives, bringing our weary Fool a much needed relief. Never before have they ever appreciated the sun’s rays as much as they do now. They face life with a renewed vigor. They appreciate the small happinesses that they find during their day; a leaf dancing in the wind, the sound of the babbling brook by the hill, the warmth of the sun on their skin. Everything radiates life, the Fool included. This newfound appreciation is contagious; by radiating warmth, contentedness and peace, so too does the Fool bring that same joy to the people they meet along the way.

Light: Success, joy, truth, celebration, optimism
Shadow: Sadness, negativity, unclarity

To learn more, read the full Sun tarot card meaning.

When to Use This Tarot Spread

  • When you are feeling disconnected to your own self-worth.
  • When you need a reminder of good things in your life, or of the good things that you bring others.

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The Sun Tarot Card Spread

The Sun Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for Illumination

  1. Abundance - What is flourishing in your life right now? What is thriving? Where in your life is there abundance and celebration?
  2. Sunlight - Where can you go to find even more happiness and joy in your life?
  3. Inner Light - What is something you love about yourself? What is your inner light? From where does it come from and how is it usually presented?
  4. Outer Radiance - What do you bring to others? What are you radiating to the world right now? What do others appreciate about you?
  5. Cloudiness - What stands in the way of you being able to appreciate all the good things in your life? What needs some clearing?

A Note on the Fool's Journey Tarot Spreads: This is part of a series of tarot spreads inspired by the lessons of the Fool’s Journey, represented by the major arcana of the tarot. Since each major arcana card embodies a stage in one’s life journey, a lesson, or an archetype, we can use them as the foundations to explore moments of our own personal journeys. They also happen to be great ways to explore the meanings of each of these tarot cards in a very personal way.

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And if you'd like to purchase the deck depicted in these spreads, you can click here to purchase it! You can also purchase its Marseille cousin.

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