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Access the wisdom of two ancient esoteric systems and how to use them together. Learn about the correspondences between the 78 cards and astrology, and work through your natal chart with tarot.

Tarot & Astrology Workbook

Access the wisdom of two ancient esoteric systems and how to use them together. Learn about the correspondences between the 78 cards and astrology, and work through your natal chart with tarot.
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Use Tarot and Astrology Together, Explore Your Psyche and the Universe

Both tarot and astrology come from a similar root; they are both methods of giving our inner worlds an outer form so we can more easily explore and articulate complex inner processes and emotions. Using myths, stories and archetypal imagery, both tarot and astrology provide frameworks for a better understanding of the self. It is no surprise then, that there are so many correspondences between these two systems.

Just as with tarot, we do not consider astrology as a method for fortune-telling, but as symbolic representations of unconscious, cyclical energy present during a particular time and place, describing a kind of emotional weather or climate. The images, such as the animals and creatures of the zodiac, are just memorable short-hands for more complex ideas. If you’re already somewhat familiar with either of these systems, this workbook can be the starting point for you to explore the other and relate the two of them in your own terms. 

Tarot & Astrology Workbook

Tarot & Astrology Workbook Contents

Lenormand Workbook Feature - Worksheets for all 36 cards
Planet and Zodiac Sign Correspondences
Journal your way through the stars, and explore the basic components of astrology using tarot cards. Journaling prompts help subtly guide you to seeing the connections between astrological archetypes and tarot archetypes.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read lenormand pairs
Minor Arcana Correspondences
Build on your foundational knowledge of tarot and astrology by exploring the minor arcana using the ancient concept of the Chaldean Order. Learn the pattern that connects both the minor arcana and astrological concepts.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read lenormand pairs
Court Card Correspondences
Each court card is made up of two zodiac signs and three minor arcana cards. See each of the court cards in a new light based on the information that you've already learned in previous sections.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read lenormand line spreads
See Your Natal Chart in Tarot
Learn how to use tarot for astrological readings. Put your knowledge of the entire tarot deck and astrology together to interpret your own natal chart. Use a combination of astrology and tarot to dive deeper into yourself.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read complex lenormand spreads
Interpret Planetary Positions
Want additional context for your tarot readings? Planetary positions give the overall environment that your questions to the tarot live in. Learn to translate planetary positions into the tarot, and read them with tarot cards.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - Lenormand reference sheets
Reference Sheets
Comprehensive astrology and tarot reference sheets with key concepts, definitions, correspondences, meanings, keywords and more. Our reference sheets should give you a foundational knowledge of astrology.
Tarot & Astrology Workbook

This Tarot & Astrology Workbook is for:

  1. Readers that are already comfortable reading the tarot from an intuitive, narrative perspective, but are curious about tarot’s esoteric origins and connections.
  2. People with a background in both tarot and astrology, but without knowledge of how they are connected.
  3. Readers with a strong background in tarot, but only know the basics of astrology.
  4. Anyone curious about how to combine both tarot and astrology to use as methods of self-introspection and understanding.
  5. Anyone curious about exploring your natal chart using imagery from the tarot.

After Completing this Tarot & Astrology Workbook, You’ll:

  1. Be able to do a tarot-based natal chart reading.
  2. Develop a strong understanding of your own personal tarot-based natal chart, providing you with further insight to yourself.
  3. Be able to use tarot to interpret planetary positions.
  4. Understand the astrological correspondences for each and every one of the 78 tarot cards in your deck.
  5. Be able to weave together two important esoteric systems that can infuse your tarot readings with an additional layer of rich history and background information.

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Access the wisdom of two ancient esoteric systems and how to use them together. Learn about the correspondences between the 78 cards and astrology, and work through your natal chart with tarot.

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  • 196 Pages
  • B5 Size - 17.6 x 25.0 cm, 6.9 x 9.8 in
  • Gilded edges
  • Vegan leather cover with gold foil stamping
  • Ribbon placeholder
  • Elastic cover band
  • Tarot deck sold separately
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Dani M.
Tarot Workbook & Astro Tarot Workbook

I bought both workbooks (because I couldn't choose!) and I am SO glad I did. They are both so gorgeous, well crafted, and extremely helpful in terms of learning what personal symbolism I associate with each of the cards. What's more is that these books are SOOO well written, well organized and wildly unique. These workbooks are the perfect gift for any lover of tarot and or astrology, who are at any level in their practice. I consider myself highly knowledgeable in both tarot and astrology, yet these workbooks are helping to further my understanding of both in ways I didn't expect!
You don't HAVE to buy both, but I would recommend it, because they offer different modes of thinking about your relationship to the tarot, and both offer loads of value in deepening your tarot and astrology practices, respectively.
I look forward to buying these books for all my witchy friends, and supporting Labyrinthos by purchasing their enchanting decks and products for as long as they make us these gracious and beautiful offerings!

Malulani M.
The Tarot Resource I’ve Been Looking For

For a while now I’ve been looking on resource to assist in learning astrological associations for tarot to level up my readings. This workbook is exactly what I needed. I’m slowly making my way through it, but already I’ve learn so much and my readings are getting better. Knowledge of astrology opens up the tarot in a whole new way. Thank you, Tina, for such a helpful, rich and beautiful guide for learning this amazing science.

Incredible! I'm utterly amazed at the beauty contained within

This workbook and card deck I bought are so unbelievably beautiful and magical, I don't even want to use them! (In the best way possible! - I don't want to "rough" them up!) It's freaking incredible the investment of energy that has gone into producing these tools... The Labrynthos Academy app, the decks, the website, the other apps, the workbook.... It's all FAR BEYOND anything I ever could have hoped to find - THANK YOU for your dedication!

Jennifer P.
Stunning Workbook

This book is so gorgeous and educational! I’m learning so much. I’m so glad I found Labyrinthos!!!

Heather B.
As awesome as my first purchase

I've loved your deck designs and workbooks for a while now. I want every one of them! The tarot and astrology workbook is perfect and I can't wait to dive in to all the goodness that lies in those pages!

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