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Our digital lenormand workbook guides you through reading Lenormand. Learn about each of the 36 classic cards, and practice creating pairs. Comes as a fillable, interactive PDF so you can enter all your answers on your computer or tablet.

Digital Lenormand Workbook and Journal

Our digital lenormand workbook guides you through reading Lenormand. Learn about each of the 36 classic cards, and practice creating pairs. Comes as a fillable, interactive PDF so you can enter all your answers on your computer or tablet.
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Lenormand Workbook Contents

Lenormand Workbook Feature - Worksheets for all 36 cards
36 Card Worksheets
Explore each of the 36 cards of the Lenormand with personal prompts that help you develop a better connection with the cards. Practice breaking down each card into adjectives and nouns to create a strong base for reading Lenormand pairs.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read lenormand pairs
Lenormand Pair Worksheets
Practice the foundation of Lenormand readings by creating your own database of paired meanings. Building on your work with individual cards, we show you how to read the cards syntactically.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read lenormand line spreads
Master Line Spreads
After mastering pairs, graduate to reading line spreads. Line spreads are perfect for giving you short answers to questions, while you can adjust the level of detail you’d like by choosing shorter or longer spreads.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - How to read complex lenormand spreads
Complex Lenormand Spreads
Learn how to read 2 dimensional Lenormand spreads like the box spread, and the Grand Tableau. Worksheets build upon previous exercises with line spreads, as you get more comfortable learning to read more elaborate stories with the cards.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - Lenormand reading journal
Lenormand Journal
Give some structure to your Lenormand journey with daily, weekly and monthly readings. Each page of the journal helps you keep a record of the happenings in your life, as well as help develop a routine to practice your readings.
Lenormand Workbook Feature - Lenormand reference sheets
Reference Sheets
Includes Lenormand keywords for each of the cards, as well as playing card correspondences.

Learn Lenormand While Creating a Digital Grimoire

This is a digital version of our printed Lenormand Workbook and Journal. Click here for the printed copy.

While the Tarot provides us with a psychological reading of your inner world, Lenormand grounds us in the practical everyday realities. It is a 36-card reading system that makes use of very direct symbolism read with syntactic, almost grammatical rules that paints a vivid picture of everyday experience. 

Together, these vastly different but complementary reading systems can come together to unite your inner world with outer awareness. This Lenormand workbook is meant to provide you with simple exercises with a structured approach, building upon increasingly complex readings until you can read the Grand Tableau.

Digital Lenormand Workbook and Journal

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Digital Lenormand Workbook and Journal

This Digital Lenormand Journal is for:

  1. Lenormand beginners who are new to reading lenormand cards.
  2. Experienced tarot readers who are looking to expand their readings with insight into everyday experiences.
  3. Lenormand beginners that find tarot's narrative driven approach to reading complicated and arbitrary and are looking for a more rules-based approach to reading cards.
  4. People looking for simple, straightforward imagery without convoluted symbolism.

After Completing this Digital Lenormand Journal, You’ll:

  1. Have a completed digital grimoire of lenormand meanings, each with your own personal touch.
  2. Have the ability to read the lenormand pairs, 3, 5, 7, 9-card and grand tableau spreads with clarity and confidence.
  3. Understand the principles of how to read lenormand syntactically.
  4. Have a 4-month record of your journey into lenormand, cataloging how your readings tie to your experiences.
  5. Have a strong a foundation for continuing your daily lenormand practice.

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Our digital lenormand workbook guides you through reading Lenormand. Learn about each of the 36 classic cards, and practice creating pairs. Comes as a fillable, interactive PDF so you can enter all your answers on your computer or tablet.

Purchase Digital Lenormand Workbook and Journal

  • 196 Pages
  • Interactive PDF, with all workbook sections you can type out on your laptop or tablet
  • Want to hand-write on this instead? We recommend importing to the apps GoodNotes (iOS) or Nebo (iOS, android)
  • Lenormand deck sold separately
  • Use with any classic lenormand deck

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kristen C.
Well Guided and In Depth

I'm obsessed with the Lenormand deck ever since I have started with it because of how well it leads the subject through their reading. My friends are always surprised when I read them their results and how accurately the cards are able to speak to their conflict. I was struggling a little with some of the Grand Tableau and 9 card readings. This guide coupled with the free resources around reading cards as a string has really helped me break through on my readings!

I want to grow my practice and be faster at reading tarot. Because this is digital, I have a lot of great guides to help me get faster, more accurate readings. I'm hoping one day to do some readings for local crystal shops, etc. for fun and this is a great start. Thank you for this!!

Isabel V.
Very good diary

Very nice Lenormand Diary, You can have all the information you need all together and make your onwn book. I miss some more places to write things that for me are interesting, but you have plenty of space on the margins ( I have buy the digital edition and I have pinted it)

Love, love, love the digital Lenormand Workbook/Journal

I have procrastinated with my Lenormand practice, taking classes and then forgetting the information, reading here and there but not consistently. When I saw the digital workbook I knew it was the perfect solution. I am much more dedicated and efficient since I can type my answers. The questions really require me to ponder the cards and all their potential meanings and nuances. I am taking my time and not rushing my answers since I believe doing that will help me internalize the meanings and make my reads more organic and significant. Just speaking rote definitions never creates a flowing and significant read. Thanks for the option of printing my pages/answers, should I decide to do that. Great job creating such a fabulous tool….beautiful and effective! I loved the hardback workbook too but I will be much more inclined to type my answers and ultimately complete the book.

Wonderful Guide & Journal!

I am really happy that I decided to get the LeNormand Workbook when I bought my deck. It is very thorough and user-friendly. I am finishing my degree so I haven't had as much time as I'd like to actually do the exercises, but from what I've seen it is well-done and leaves plenty of room for the things that I need to remember as I practice. The fact that you can type right into in the pdf form is a huge time saver and priceless for something like this. I know it took the creator a lot of time to make it look beautiful and yet keep it functional. It's first-rate.

sheila s.
Beautiful Journal and Tarot Cards

I have just started using the Journal to keep up with my daily Tarot readings and this is the perfect journal! Designed wonderfully.

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