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Our digital tarot journal guides you through your own unique understanding of the tarot. Learn about the 78 cards and elements. Comes as a fillable, interactive PDF so you can enter all your answers on your computer or tablet.

Digital Tarot Workbook and Journal

Our digital tarot journal guides you through your own unique understanding of the tarot. Learn about the 78 cards and elements. Comes as a fillable, interactive PDF so you can enter all your answers on your computer or tablet.
$22.00 USD

Tarot Workbook Contents

Tarot Workbook Feature - Worksheets for all 78 cards
78 Card Worksheets
Every tarot card has a lesson; get a brief introduction, plus tailored questions and prompts that invite you to consider how they appear your life. Develop a stronger connection to the cards, and explore your own psyche.
Tarot Workbook Feature - Worksheets include both upright and reversed tarot card meanings
Upright and Reversed Cards
After you explore the core archetype of each card, we can derive their light, shadow and balanced sides, to help you understand and derive the card's reversed meanings.
Tarot Workbook Feature - Learn the defining principles that structure your tarot deck
Tarot Structure & Principles
Understand the theory behind each section of the tarot. You'll explore the Fool's Journey in the Major Arcana, each of the elemental affinities, and meet the court cards as though they are real people.
Tarot Workbook Feature - Tarot reading journals help you practice daily
Tarot Journal
Brief daily readings help build confidence with the cards. We include 6 months of daily reading notes, each with their own monthly review spread, which we guide you through.
Tarot Workbook Feature - Build your own tarot spread database
Tarot Spreads Compendium
Get several of our favorite tarot spreads, and room to record your own. There is also space to record meaningful readings with worksheets to help you break down additional layers of meaning in these readings.
Tarot Workbook Feature - Tarot reference sheets for simple learning
Reference Sheets
Includes tarot keywords and reversals, your personal legend, and a brief minor arcana astrology correspondence sheet.

Learn Tarot While Creating a Digital Grimoire

This is a digital version of our printed Tarot Workbook and Journal. Click here for the printed copy.

Tarot provides us with a model that represents nature's fundamental laws. With plenty of practice, we can make use of it to better understand ourselves and others. This digital version of our tarot workbook and journal combination will help you explore your decks as well as yourself.

We provide you simple keywords and prompts, with just enough detail so you can fill in the gaps with own personal interpretation of each tarot card. Your personal life experiences will give each of the 78 tarot cards your own unique personality, as you simultaneously create a more intimate relationship with them. The tarot journal part of the book will provide you structure so that you can see how short daily readings can help you find insight about your daily life.

When you’re finished with this digital tarot workbook, you’ll be left with your very own personal tarot grimoire. It will have your own interpretation of the cards, your own compendium of spreads, as well as a memoir of this journey into the cards and yourself.

Digital Tarot Workbook and Journal

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Digital Tarot Workbook and Journal

This Digital Tarot Journal is for:

  1. Tarot beginners who want to learn how to intuitively read tarot.
  2. Tarot beginners who are want simple instructions, patterns, limited memorization of each tarot card and a more personal connection to the tarot.
  3. Accomplished tarot readers who want to renew their personal relationship to their tarot cards.
  4. Anyone who would like to use the tarot as a means of developing better self-awareness.

After Completing this Digital Tarot Journal, You’ll:

  1. Have a comprehensive digital grimoire of tarot meanings, infused with your own personality and experiences.
  2. Have a strong comprehension of each tarot deck’s foundational concepts.
  3. Have a collection of your most beloved tarot spreads that you can access and consult at any time.
  4. Have a 6-month memoir of your journey with tarot, documenting your tarot readings and how they relate to your daily life.
  5. Have a powerful foundation for the continuation of your daily tarot practice. 

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Our digital tarot journal guides you through your own unique understanding of the tarot. Learn about the 78 cards and elements. Comes as a fillable, interactive PDF so you can enter all your answers on your computer or tablet.

Purchase Digital Tarot Workbook and Journal

  • 196 Pages
  • Interactive PDF, with all workbook sections you can type out on your laptop or tablet
  • Want to hand-write on this instead? We recommend importing to the apps GoodNotes (iOS) or Nebo (iOS, android)
  • Tarot deck sold separately
  • Use with any tarot deck

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent workbook

I got the digital tarot workbook and it is fantastic! It's so detailed and has plenty of space to write your own association for the cards. Thanks for such a great product!

Linda A.

I purchased three decks and the digital journal from Labyrinthos. They are exquisite. I had an instant connection with the Golden Thread deck. It's images, the texture of the cards and the energy I feel when I hold them in my hands is amazing. This has sparked renewed passion and inspiration. The journal and its format allows for intuitive knowledge to be captured and is instilling more confidence in my abilities as a reader. The ordering of these decks was easy and delivery was super fast and efficient. I am over the moon with my purchases and will pass this along to my fellow tarot enthusiasts. Thank you Tina 💜

Love the digital tarot workbook!

It's exactly the thing I've been looking for as a way of documenting my learnings about the tarot in a concise way. It's beautifully designed and easy to use. Highly recommend it if you can't get the physical version!

Love the decks and, Tina, you are awesome!

I absolutely love my new tarot and astrology decks. They are gorgeous beyond words and make me so happy every time I use them. The artwork is spectacular, colors are perfect, love the little boxes they came in. Also, I can't believe one person could be so dang talented with design and dev skills. Tina, you're everything I want to be, if I ever decide to grow up. :)

Alicia H.G.
Really beautiful

I want to tell you that I'm a really fan of your project, I've already bought other articles, I love your creativity and your delivery for making good products and of extraordinary quality. Thank you

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