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The Twelfth House: The House of Secrets - the 12 Houses of Astrology

By Tina Gong


The twelfth house of the zodiac is ruled by the zodiac sign Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune. Before Neptune was found, Jupiter was viewed as the planet of Pisces, and since then it has been considered as the co-ruler of this mysterious house. The 12th house is likewise called the house of the instinct, of dreams, of the hidden world and the unconscious. It is considered one of the most dangerous houses in the natal chart, but we ought not overlook that its foundation lies straightforwardly in the depths of our psyche.

In this way, by changing the way our perspective, and healing our spirits, the dangers that this 12th house brings us can be softened. In this 12th house we can find the deeper levels of our mind. The processes and values that are behind our thoughts and activities, our intuition and instinct, and unconscious beliefs that we have inside us.

The 12th House Astrology Summary

  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Ruling Planet: Neptune
  • Secrets
  • Fears
  • Hidden Desires
  • Dreams
  • Fantasies

The 12th House Rules Hidden Fears and Desires

In this house, one can locate their deepest psychological fears and desires, and work through them, so that the weaknesses that they bring can be made harmless. These issues are much of the time examples of self-harm, and unless one accepts, acknowledges and chooses not to repress them, they will strike back with more fury. A twelfth house Mars, for instance, may have issues with hostility, which will some time or another reach a breaking point, coming about either in an uncontrolled blast (towards blameless individuals even) or in an introversive implosion, for example, as part of a psychosomatic illness or a difficult time dealing with one's own self. 

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The 12th House Rules Dreams and Rest

The twelfth house likewise rules our dreams, the dream world and the how we sleep and rest. Likewise, mystical phenomenon, intuitive insight and a considerable measure of spiritual activity are also ruled by this house; even though these aspects are for the most part things that are not controlled by the individual. The eighth house rules one’s conscious plunge into alternate worlds; while the twelfth house is more about one’s unconscious capacities, and they ordinarily remain under control unless the individual gets put into a situation where they must dive into their own psyche.

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The 12th House Rules All That is Below the Surface

All that is concealed, including the potentially disastrous secrets are likewise matters of this twelfth house. Hidden activities, illegal work, unlawful situations, and classified information are likewise categories that are affected by the twelfth house. What's more, the house is a dependable place to look when one wants to learn about the kind of secrets that are in one’s lives, both in ourselves and in the environment around us.

Analysts and detectives can sometimes have planets here in the twelfth house, bringing them bits of knowledge that assist their investigations. Here, one can likewise find indications of an individual’s hidden adversaries, and having malefic planets situated in the house can demonstrate to us a considerable measure about their essence and nature.

The 12th House Rules One's Wild and Untamed Nature

Being opposite to the sixth house, which rules pets, the twelfth house is also the house of wild animals. Individuals with malefic planets or planets that have more negative aspects are encouraged to avoid wild animals, as trouble may happen when they are close to them. But benefic planets in the twelfth house can indicate that the individual may get a great deal of satisfaction with wild creatures.

The 12th House Rules Addictions

A person with troublesome planets and aspects in the twelfth house is encouraged to also avoid liquor and addictive substances, as they may compound the condition and elements of these planets. The twelfth house is likewise able to one’s conditions before birth and what one’s experiences were while still in the womb. Malefic planets present in the twelfth house can demonstrate troubles both amid pregnancy and birth.

Working With 12th House Transits 

For the most part, when planets are transiting in the twelfth house, it is important to comprehend the significance of their position. You must learn to accept and face things about you that are there, but may be in hiding. The house is unequivocally associated with karma, and the numerous troubles (or sometimes rewards) that it can bring are results of past or even future lives. It is likewise an open entryway towards these different lives; through contemplation, you may even glimpse all of your different manifestations.

To be sure, many individuals who live hermetic lives (regardless whether they are priests in a cloister, students of faith or even just quiet, lonely individuals), may have planets situated in the 12th house. These parts of their personalities are generally activated by planetary transitions, which can briefly drive them to retreat from the real world.

The 12th House of Secrets - Astrology Infographic and Cheat Sheet

The Twelfth House: The House of Secrets - the 12 Houses of Astrology Infographic

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