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Mars Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

By Tina Gong


Mars is the planet of desire, action, and energy. It also represents the survival instinct of humanity. People call Mars the fiery planet because of its color. It is also the planet that symbolizes war, its name being derived from the Roman god of the same name. Although it is the second smallest planet in the solar system, it has a fierce nature -- despite its size, it has the tallest mountain in the whole solar system. 

Mars Astrology Symbol Keywords

  • Aggression
  • Sex
  • Action
  • Desire
  • Competition
  • Courage
  • Passion

Mars as a Ruling Planet: Characteristics of Mars in Astrology 

Mars is Aries' Ruling Planet - and is the planet of action in astrology. Your passion, determination, drive, and energy are some aspects of your life that Mars controls. This planet commands you to stand up and get things done. It rules your confidence and your power.

In the world of love and romance, Mars rules over your sexual energy and desire. While Venus controls romantic attraction, Mars rules the basic physical attraction and chemistry. It is the planet of action instead of reaction. When you are under the influence of Mars, you will not contemplate before doing something but instead jump right into it. 

It also rules your sense of anger and wrath and aggression; the basic animalistic, instinctive side of us that fights for survival - and thus magnifies your competitive nature. It affects the areas of life where you express your enthusiasm and apply your drive. If you can harness this planet's energy properly, it can propel you into productive action.

When left unchecked, Mars can become very impulsive. When used the right way, it can be a key motivator. If you are struggling to complete a task, try and tap into its energy for a much-needed boost. 

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How Does the Mars Symbol Affect Personality in the Zodiac?

Mars directs the masculine force of your nature. Even if you are female, you still contain with you some form of male energy. The position of Mars in your astrological chart can reveal how you express this masculine force. When it comes to romantic love, Mars can reveal the type of men you are attracted to.

Planet mars answers the following questions about you:

What gives me passion, courage and drive? what makes me angry? How do I express it? What are my animal instincts like? 

Mars takes two years to complete its orbit throughout the zodiac. Its masculine energy rules both Aries and Scorpio (in more modern astrological practices). Mars symbolizes raw energy instead of creative energy. On a negative note, Mars can make you impatient, forceful, rash, and impulsive - but also makes you adventurous, assertive, forthright and directed. 

Keep in mind that the energy of Mars can be destructive or constructive. Just like in ancient times, Mars can be very violent. It is important that you harness the planet’s energy for good - this planet's characteristics are put best to use in the realm of ambition, achievement, and stamina.

Once you understand your Mars sign's nature, then it can become easier to master. Learn to make the most out of your natural assertiveness. 

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Planet Mars Astrology Cheat Sheet

Planet Mars Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

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