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Saturn Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

By Tina Gong


Saturn is a planet that is connected to the concepts of limitation and restriction. Although it may seem depressing on the surface, Saturn's role in astrology is to bring meaning and structure to our lives. The planet Saturn reminds us about the restrictions of matter and time - it asks of our commitment, responsibility, and boundaries. Saturn highlights our need for limitations and self-control, meaning that this planet creates dedication to responsibility and discipline - something we need if we want to succeed in our goals.

Saturn Astrology Symbol Keywords

  • Structure
  • Law
  • Restriction
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Obligation
  • Ambition

Saturn as a Ruling Planet: Characteristics of Saturn in Astrology 

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, whose ambitions drive it to greater and greater heights - heights that can only be conquered through hard work and discipline. Those under this sign find comfort in understanding the boundaries in the world. 

Saturn also represents all things that have history - such as tradition, and old age as well as the lessons that come with it. Teaching is the primary role of this planet; through its trials, it teaches us how to overcome. If those lessons are studied, individuals under the influence of this planet can be expected to be patient, stable, reliable, persevering, and diligent. Their capacity to focus is also dramatically marked.

Apart from teaching, Saturn is known for the stern justice that it implements. It is practical and conservative, and it presides over our ambition and career. Saturn will reward the students who study and perform well - as well as punish those who go astray.

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How Does the Saturn Symbol Affect Personality in the Zodiac? 

When Saturn is placed in an difficult position in the natal chart, people can become stingy and selfish. It depicts the obstacles that we face in life - enmity, disappointments, setbacks, anguish, and suffering. Those under the direct influence of this planet are bound to work hard.

Saturn answers the following questions about you:

What do I fear? What do I worry about? What restricts and limits me? What will I have trouble with? 

This planet, in the worst cases, can also create strain and stress - it is often associated with depression due to the self-doubt that it can cast. 

The influence of Saturn may appear limiting and heavy, but that is just on the surface. If Saturn is in harmony with the other planets in your natal chart, this planet can become your most powerful ally. Through overcoming your trials and tribulations, you will be able to develop strength, and find faith in yourself. Suffering is sometimes essential to overcome your fears.

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Saturn Astrology Cheat Sheet

Saturn Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More - Saturn Planet Meanings

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  • Ash
    My zodiac is a Capricorn because I was born on January 8th. I feel like I fit in more with Aquarius, because I’m rebellious, outgoing, caring, smart, and I help people in need. I love the earth and the ocean and I want to stop things like littering and I’m kind of a hippy. The thing I have in common with a Capricorn, is that I’m very ambitious and hard working towards my goals and I put a lot of pressure on myself. What’s with that?
  • Sean
    I have Saturn in the 1st house and as a dominant, second in line to Mars, and Capricorn as the dominant sign. So I think it’s fair say that in my case there is no escaping nor ignoring its influence. The words “ ignorance is bliss” will never apply to me, even if I wanted it to. Having Saturn on such a personal level, I can say it’s not “evil”, it’s more like a loving yet strict father, you may not like him at times, but he has your best interests at heart.
  • Wanda
    This article teally helpede indersysnd my life story a little better. Ive had lots of trials and losses that catapulted me into new careers.

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