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Uranus Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

By Tina Gong


The planet Uranus is part of what we call the outer planets. These planets include Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. They orbit the sun slowly and take about years to transit between zodiac signs. Due to their slow movements, they influence a large part of our lives - sometimes even generations.

In Greek mythology, Zeus was the first king of gods and Uranus was his grandfather, and father to Cronus. He was also known as the father sky and his wife Gaia was the mother earth. According to legend, Uranus became too cruel to some of his children - he banishes and buries some of them in the earth. Out of revenge, Saturn castrated his father.

Uranus Astrology Symbol Keywords

  • Eccentricity
  • Unpredictable Changes
  • Rebellion
  • Reformation

Uranus as a Ruling Planet: Characteristics of Uranus in Astrology 

In astrology, Uranus is an eccentric planet that rules over the future-forward zodiac sign, Aquarius. Like Aquarius, the energy of this planet is one that looks forward to drastic changes. This planet's influences have led to the rise of rebellions and liberations. Uranus will govern the deep shifts in our futures and may influence the emergence of a new world order, shape revolutions, and - in the worst case, even bring in dictators.

Furthermore, Uranus rules science and inventions. With both science and invention, we are pushed to stretch our minds and see beyond the ordinary. 

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How Does the Uranus Symbol Affect Personality in the Zodiac? 

In one's natal chart, the planet Uranus dictates what makes a person eccentric, strange and unique. If someone has a natal chart with a prominent Uranus planet, he or she may appear to others as wild and untamed. They will be characterized as adventurous, sociable, and outgoing. The influence of the planet Uranus may make personalities unpredictable or erratic, but also capable of absorbing the spirit of the new age. They can sometimes become revolutionaries, reformers and inventors.

Uranus answers the following questions about you:

What makes me special? What makes me different? Where in life am I most eccentric? Where do I want to create change?

While most times it can make those under its influence outgoing, it could also make others quite remote. Some under this planet will have difficulties developing intimacy on a personal level. They may become moody, bitter, and hypersensitive. This is the unfavorable aspect of the planet. 

Uranus asks us to adopt a humanitarian spirit and global mindset, allowing us to live as one unified being. 

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Uranus Astrology Cheat Sheet

Uranus Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

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