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The Second House: The House of Value - the 12 Houses of Astrology

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The Second House: The House of Value - the 12 Houses of Astrology

In astrology, the second house, which is also called house of value, is all about possessions, money, material things, earnings and expenditures. It signifies the way someone attracts or repels money, and also the way that he or she chooses to spend it. One's values on ownership is also expressed here, as well as one's system of values. The second house is traditionally ruled by Taurus and its ruling planet Venus

The 2nd House Astrology Summary

  • Zodiac SignTaurus
  • Ruling PlanetVenus
  • Finances
  • Possessions
  • Values
  • Self Worth
  • Lending and Borrowing
  • Material Desires

The 2nd House Rules Finances and Possessions

More specifically, the second house rules everything that involves one's financial standing. Liquid assets fall into this category, while one's houses and land are ruled by other houses in the natal chart. 

The second house does not only express the personal assets of the natal chart owner, but also their feelings towards those assets. After all, the feelings we have towards material things create the drive and motivations that we have when it comes to earning or spending them in the first place. 

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The 2nd House Rules Lending and Borrowing

Lending and borrowing money is also shown in the second house, and it thoroughly draws the boundaries of what the person is comfortable with, especially concerning their emotional safety or insecurity towards material stability. The second house is responsible for both income and expenses, and thus one can easily understand that conscious decisions about the flow of wealth have a great effect on the person's life. Indeed, if someone has a beneficial planet and empowers it through being open to help others with their wealth, the blessing will return towards them even stronger. In the case that one chooses not to share their wealth with their surroundings, they will eventually reverse their material blessings. 

Material support is also a way of expressing love and light to the world that surrounds us. So whoever becomes a channel and a catalyst for the well-being of the others around them, will eventually make their own position better and also balance the flow of energies, which will not be swamped around their second house matters. 

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The 2nd House Rules Esteem and Self Worth

The second house does not only rule possessions but also desires that someone has about what they want to gain and possess. Curiously enough, it also rules self-esteem and the connection between owning and feeling worthy. It is considered a house that shows which career a person should follow, together with the 6th house and 10th house. The second house is most adept at depicting which job would bring good material gains but does not necessarily point towards a career that one would enjoy. 

Effect of Planets in the 2nd House

Venus feels at home in the second house, while Jupiter is also great to have. The planet Jupiter expands anything that he touches and definitely gives a great boost to anything concerning money. Saturn, if well-aspected, is not a bad indicator either. On the contrary, the otherwise malefic planet can bring a lot of wealth, but this usually comes towards the later stages of one's life or through a lot of effort that builds up through time. Mars and Uranus are probably the worst planets to have in the house, especially if they are debilitated by the zodiac sign or adversely aspected. They can mean a loss of income and general instability. Curiously enough, having the Sun is not a great indicator either. One would expect that the Sun would offer a lot of wealth; but the truth is that it is more responsible for a lot of expenses instead. The person needs to use their assets to express their identity, without taking care to save anything for tomorrow or otherwise plan their expenses.

The 2nd House of Value - Astrology Infographic and Cheat Sheet

The Second House: The House of Value - the 12 Houses of Astrology Infographic

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