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The 12 Houses of Astrology - The Astrological Houses and Your Natal Chart

By Tina Gong


In Astrology, there are 12 Houses, all of which are organized on a wheel. It may be confusing at first, but these houses are not the same as what we know more commonly as the wheel of the zodiac. Instead these two circles within astrology are rather unique.

Understanding The Two Wheels of Astrology: The 12 Houses and the 12 Zodiac Signs

The wheel of the zodiac depends on the sun's yearly revolution around our Earth, along the ecliptic, while the houses depend on our Earth's 24-hour pivot around its own axis. The 2 wheels consolidate at special points that are determined by your birth time and birth location. Through the lens of these two wheels, the planets in your natal chart give 2 distinct ways of looking at your personality: first as being within a zodiac sign, and furthermore as being within a house. For instance, two individuals may both have a Leo Sun sign, however one may have their Leo Sun in their twelfth house, while the other may have their Leo Sun in their first house. This could make for two altogether different sorts of individuals. This happens to be yet another reason why the well known Sun Sign Horoscopes may not be very helpful: they are composed under the pretense that everybody has their Sun in the first House. This makes for a very imprecise horoscope.

What are the 12 Houses of Astrology?

The 12 houses of astrology represent every one of the aspects that make up human life. The planets and zodiac signs will show themselves most emphatically in the area in life represented by the house in which they fall on your natal chart. To be clear, the houses are not quite energies like the zodiac signs or planets, nor do they add color to the outflow of energies like the zodiac signs do. The houses are rather where these energies are destined to appear. The houses are simply the areas of life, not the experience of it.

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The Order of the 12 Houses of Astrology

If you take a closer look, you'll notice how the order of the astrological houses takes after the formative way of a human's life, from the first drive of individual being (the first house), to realizing what is mine and yours and how to utilize what one claims (the second house), to figuring out how to communicate inside the constraints of our abilities (the third house), and so forth.

Here, we'll go over each of these 12 houses. Should you like to learn more, you will find the information in each of their individual pages, linked below.

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The 12 Houses of Astrology

 House Keywords Zodiac Sign
1 self, identity, consciousness, will Aries
2 value, possessions, money Taurus
3 communication, local travel, school Gemini
4 home, family, parent, origins Cancer
5 fun, pleasure, children, entertainment Leo
6 health, service, work, habits Virgo
7 partners, marriage, 1-1 relationships Libra
8 sex, death, inheritance, loss Scorpio
9 travel, religion, spirituality, law Sagittarius
10 career, reputation, social standing Capricorn
11 friendship, group relationships Aquarius
12 secrets, unconscious, hidden things Pisces


The First House of Astrology: The House of Self

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Self - 1st House, First House 

The first house of astrology represents first impressions - how we are perceived, how we dress and how we appear to others. It includes not just how others perceive us, but also how one perceives the self. Everything that is related to your self identity, and even how we begin things and start taking initiative is ruled by the first house. 

Learn more about the 1st house

The Second House of Astrology: The House of Value

 12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Value - 2nd House, Second House

The second house covers all issues identified with your material and physical condition—taste, smells, sound, contact, sights. The second house likewise governs one's material means; money and values.

Learn more about the 2nd house

The Third House of Astrology: The House of Communication

 12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Communication - 3rd House, Third House

The third house governs all types of correspondence—talking, analysis, methods of communication, technology and gadgets (mobile phones, letters, email and so forth). The third house likewise covers local neighborhoods, nearby travel, early education, schools, educators and communication issues.  

Learn more about the 3rd house

The 4th House of Astrology: The House of Home

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Home - 4th House, Fourth House 

The fourth house sits at the base of the zodiac wheel, and along these lines, rules your foundation. This house incorporates your home, safety, your essential security, your parents, siblings, your own particular mothering capacities, nurturing, and care.

Learn more about the 4th house

The 5th House of Astrology: The House of Pleasure

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Pleasure - 5th House, Fifth House 

The fifth house is led by the dramatic Leo zodiac sign, and it oversees self-expression, creativity, imagination, entertainment, hobbies, fun and play. 

Learn more about the 5th house

The 6th House of Astrology: The House of Health

 12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Health - 6th House, Sixth House

The 6th house is the area of health and the kind of work we do out of necessity. It rules plans, habits, schedules, health, eating routines, exercise, support and being of help to others.

Learn more about the 6th house

The 7th House of Astrology: The House of Relationships

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Relationships - 7th House, Seventh House 

The 7th house of astrology is the area that rules our relationships to other individuals. It oversees all partnerships, both business and personal, and issues that surround them; including contracts, marriage, and business deals. 

Learn more about the 7th house

The 8th House of Astrology: The House of Sex & Death

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Sex & Death - 8th House, Eighth House 

The 8th house is a house that rules over both life and death, sex, change, mystery and the occult The eighth house likewise rules other individuals' property and holdings, such as inheritance.

Learn more about the 8th house

The 9th House of Astrology: The House of Spirituality

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Spirituality - 9th House, Ninth House

The 9th house covers the higher self, development, worldwide travel, motivation, hopefulness, expansion, spiritual matters, religion, colleges and advanced education, good fortune, ethics and morals. 

Learn more about the 9th house

The 10th House of Astrology: The House of Ambition

 12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Ambition - 10th House, Tenth House

The 10th house is at the most open part of the natal chart. The tenth house oversees structures, organizations, traditions, fame, notoriety, respect, accomplishments, grants, limits, rules, training, fathers and parenthood. The cusp, or outskirts of the tenth house is also called the midheaven, and it gives hintsinto your vocation and true calling. 

Learn more about the 10th house

The 11th House of Astrology: The House of Friendship

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Friendship - 11th House, Eleventh House 

The 11th house rules groups, gatherings, society, video and electronic media, organizations, social power, disobedience, and helpful causes. It additionally administers inventiveness, whimsy, sudden events, shocks, innovation, cosmology, and everything modern.

Learn more about the 11th house

The 12th House of Astrology: The House of Secrets

12 Houses of Astrology: The House of Secrets - 12th House, Twelfth House 

The zodiac completes with the 12th and last house, which rules endings. This house covers the last phases of an undertaking, taking care of any potential issues, fulfillments, the hereafter, maturity, and transcendence. It's likewise connected with secrets from society, foundations, healing abilities, shrouded plans, and hidden adversaries. What's more, it manages imagination and the intuitive mind.

Learn more about the 12th house

12 Houses of Astrology Cheat Sheet: Houses and Your Natal Chart Infographic

 12 Houses of Astrology: All 12 Houses Cheat Sheet and Infographic

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