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A Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

By Tina Gong


When the full moon arrives in Aquarius, we’re going to be facing issues of identity and independence. This full moon is here to make us question and examine our role in the world, as well as how to shape it. Aquarius pushes us away from the mundane everyday, and unites us with that which is otherworldly. It nudges us to envision that which can be, instead of accepting the status quo.

What the Full Moon in Aquarius Will Be About

Aquarians have a reputation for being outsiders - ones that cooly observe society, while sometimes also feeling detached from the systems that run it. As humanitarians, we’ll usually see them fighting power structures and campaigning against oppression. On an everyday level, aquarians are known for their subversiveness and their many quirks - making them memorable characters of the zodiac. Because of these characteristics, this full moon, regardless of your sign, you’ll be asked to take a closer look at these aspects of your identity; your engagement with society and your acceptance of yourself.

Envisioning Ideals for Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon dares us to expand our thinking - to leave behind what we believe are accepted standards in both the ways that we express ourselves and our identities, and the ways that we interact with the world. The more that we venture out to the farther - perhaps stranger and uncharted - boundaries of ourselves, the more we too can appreciate the beautiful and infinite varieties of other humans. And that, there, is perhaps the crux of the Aquarius zodiac sign; how can one stand idly by in a world that oppresses some humans, and celebrates others? How can this world make that choice? 

A tarot reading using the Aquarius Full Moon Spread

Implied in this full moon too is action, not just reflection. The humanitarian aspect of the Aquarius also insists that we take strides towards making the changes that we collectively envision. It reminds us that every action, is one that ripples across the collective unconscious - for better or for worse. Take this full moon as a calling to create the change that you so desire - whether it is in your personal life or on a more public platform. 

It is these questions that we will be asking ourselves when we dive into the Full Moon in Aquarius tarot spread.

What Does the Moon Bring You?

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Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

To start off, we’re going to go through our decks and find the Star card, which is the corresponding card in the tarot to the Aquarius zodiac sign. We’re going to use this as a significator of sorts, to help us focus our thoughts on this full moon.

Shuffle the cards as usual, draw and lay them out as pictured.

  1. What quirks can I embrace? - What eccentricities about yourself can you learn to accept?
  2. How can I be more expressive? - What unconventional part of you have you been hiding that can be released?
  3. What is my ideal world? - What vision of the future would you truly like to happen? What would it be like?
  4. How can I inspire others? - What can you do to step into your role as a leader? How can you inspire change? 

Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread - Let's talk about your engagement with society and your acceptance of yourself

I hope this reading has inspired you to make the changes that you desire, and wishing you all well for the remainder of this cycle.

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