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2 Spiritual Tarot Readings You Can Do to Jumpstart A New Business

By Tina Gong


It's still early in the new year, meaning that there's no better time to harness that extra motivation you have now and transform it into something tangible. One of the many new years resolutions that I've heard about is starting your own business.

Creating something of your own is so rewarding. As an artist foremost, it’s been surreal to see others, like you, use and work with the things I’ve made. I came from a family that looked down on artists and felt like art was never a way to make a living, and that was a fear that I held with me for a long time. But I always knew, even from when I was a small child, that art was what I wanted to do.

Spiritual Tarot Spreads for Starting a Business

The purpose of the following two tarot spreads is to help you develop your calling into a project or business. If there's something you've always wanted to do, but may not have been very practical, these spiritual tarot spreads will help you not just pinpoint your motivations behind your projects, but perhaps also help you clarify some of the unsexy but practical and necessary aspects of it.

Aligning With Your Higher Purpose - A Business Tarot Spread

Before you start working on your business or project, it's important to set the foundations. This tarot spread is designed to do just that. It starts with understanding your own role and purpose, and emanates outward towards other aspects of business that are important to build. This includes setting out your goals, understanding your customers and what you offer, and also whether you are prepared - emotionally, physically and mentally for the challenge of creating something from scratch.

  1. My role and purpose - What is my ultimate role? Why do I feel like I exist in this world? What is my true calling?
  2. Why do I want to start this business? - What is the ultimate motivation behind starting this business or project? What were you looking for?
  3. What would I like it to become? - In an ideal world, how would your business develop and grow? 
  4. What can I offer to customers? - What value can I give to others? What can my business offer?
  5. What makes what I offer special? - Why do others appreciate my work above all others? What am I talented in?
  6. Who is my ideal customer? - What people will best appreciate what I have to offer? 
  7. How can I serve them? - What can I do to best make them happy? How do I reach them? 
  8. What do I need to start? - What must I do? What do I need? 
  9. Am I prepared? - How ready do I feel? 

2 Spiritual Tarot Readings You Can Do to Jumpstart A New Business - Self Alignment Business Tarot Spreads

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Matters of the Mind and Heart - A Business Tarot Spread

In case you're looking for a tarot spread that is just a bit shorter, this one has a similar purpose. You'll be examining aspects of both your emotional and practical life - and how starting a business will affect and be affected by those circumstances. While your business can be more spiritually and emotionally driven, remember that the day to day practical affairs of your business can be very different, but also necessary.

  1. The source of your inspiration - Where did you get the idea to start this business? Why do you want to start this business?
  2. Emotional goals - How would you like this to affect your life emotionally? What changes could happen to your emotional life because of this?
  3. Practical goals - What kind of material or practical changes to your life would you like to see happen from this?
  4. What will my role in business look like? - How will my personality shape this venture? What traits are most important to its success? How will I drive this business?
  5. What will my day to day look like? - What will my responsibilities look like everyday? What tasks will I have to do everyday?
  6. Future potential - What does the outcome of my business look like, taking all of this into consideration?

2 Spiritual Tarot Readings You Can Do to Jumpstart A New Business - Mind and Heart Business Tarot Spreads

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