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50k Instagram Followers Giveaway - 5 Winners get $50 in Store Credit!

By Tina Gong


This is a really big milestone for us, and we hope that you'll celebrate with us by entering this contest. I'm so thankful for all the love that you've shown us and given us through the years, and our giveaways are super exciting times to be able to give something back to all the folks that helped get us here.
The $50 in store credit will go ahead cover the cost for any deck that is in the store! So choose the deck that pulls you in the most. 

💖 Rules, Prizes, Dates 🎁

Starting today, I'm giving away $50 in store credit to 5 lucky winners. I'll be announcing the winners on September 15th. Anyone can enter through the following form. Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to get extra entries. You can also share the contest with your friends - everyone that signs up gets you one extra entry.

Winners Have Been Selected!

We will be reaching out to you via email. So please check the email address you used to contact us. We'll be sending your store credit electronically, and you will be able to place your order on the shop :) To all others that participated this round, thank you! You'll be getting a small consolation with the email you gave us as well.

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  • joyce
    gorgeous decks, thank you for sharing them with us all!
  • Nathaniel J Jones
    I am so excited for this! I have always wanted a Lenormand deck, and this one is so beautiful. I am also looking at the Seventh Sphere Tarot. The art is incredible, and I love the couple alterations that were made.
  • Ashley Cain
    I love your work. I have a chronic neurological disorder that often times leaves me too tired for hobbies and passions. Your designs are beautiful and have inspired me to pick up my old deck and practice again.
  • Jacob
    I wish everyone luck! I have my eyes on the luminous spirit deck.
  • Aurora
    You create such beautiful designs & I’ve always wanted a deck… or two lol. I haven’t been able to afford anything extra besides necessities being a college student- so winning would be awesome! :) I’ve been into tarot for the past couple years, but only started exploring my spirituality over the last few months. I feel like I’ve opened up to a whole new world between tarot, crystals, reiki, palmistry, and the like. I love your work and your user friendly apps (it’s helped me learn so much already!!), so thanks a bunch for giving back to your followers through this giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)

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Labyrinthos Academy Crest: Tarot for Health, Wellness and Psychological Balance

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