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Nine of Wands Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


9 of Wands Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
last stand, persistence, grit, resilience, perseverance, close to success, fatigue stubbornness, rigidity, defensiveness, refusing compromise, giving up
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Nine of Wands Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

The Nine of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Nine of Wands shows a weak-looking man holding on to a wand with 8 other upright wands standing behind them. The man looks injured, but he still seems ready to fight another battle, and desires strongly to win. He has a look of hope and determination about him that should help him go through that one last battle. It is a card that shows a mix of challenges, hope and triumph. 

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Upright Nine of Wands Meaning

The Nine of Wands tarot card is one that symbolizes great hope even when one is faced by many problems that threaten to make them lose their balance. The Nine of Wands symbolizes one's life, which has undergone too many trials but through their determination and will, they were able to overcome them. These won battles are symbolized by the eight upright wands; however, there are still more trials that the person may face. This can be one major trial or challenge that they are supposed to face for them to reach their goals or be successful in their quest. The card is a sign of hope and encouragement that you should face your trials with courage so that you may attain success.

The Nine of Wands symbolizes a life of someone who has undergone many trials, but through determination and will, they were able to overcome them.

The Nine of Wands may also mean that a person has been betrayed and has thus become mistrustful towards others. This may be because of something that has happened a number of times, and might on the first glance seem hopeless. But there is also hope and courage here, and the belief that this outlook is about to change. Someone or something may come into their life that will change their whole view of their past struggles. It encourages one to take that risky move because they may be surprised.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
love requiring hard work, love isn’t easy, self-improvement exhaustion from work, project nearly complete, feeling drained financial pressure, economic duress, temporary pressure

Upright 9 of Wands Tarot Love Meaning

You have prepared and strategized, and now are ready to face the challenges that are coming ahead. The 9 of Wands tarot love meaning signals that you recognize that the love you want will require much work, self-improvement, and sacrifice. In fact, this is the nature of all love. Many believe that love is only a feeling, but in reality, it comes from two lovers that are willing to adapt, and work through problems together as a team. It is constant communication and adjustment. This realization is coming to you now, and you are preparing for it. It is likely too that you are about to take a big step step forward when it comes to your romantic life. Are you about to propose? Or suggest to your partner that you take the next steps together? The 9 of wands tarot love meaning suggests that should you do the work, you’ll be successful.

Career Meaning - Upright 9 of Wands

Here, as in every position, the nine of wands marks the halfway mark in a battle. You are not done with the struggles, but they will end soon. At present, you are likely exhausted. The battle rages on but you likely feel as if you are too exhausted to continue fighting much longer. Let this card serve as a reminder that whatever troubles you face in your career right now are temporary. Perhaps your workload has been particularly heavy recently, it will lighten up. Whenever your troubles ease, you will see that you had the strength to fight until the end. You can persevere but the battle is not yet won.

Finances Meaning - Upright 9 of Wands

The nine of wands can signal financial trouble. You are likely not in economic distress but are under some pressure. It might be enough that you are considering taking out money from your savings or other such sources (like loans or borrowing from someone). Instead of turning to dwindle your savings or otherwise compromising your finances, consider finding another source of income. (If you work a shift-job, take on extra hours or otherwise consider working overtime.) This does not need to be a permanent change. You will come out from under this economic duress soon. Until then, however, you must confront your financial situation with determination and drive.

Reversed Nine of Wands Meaning

The Nine of Wands reversed shows a person who may not be a risk taker; they may not want to make a long-term move or commitment since they are afraid that they may not be able to come out of it. They are mistrustful and hence have created a boundary between themselves and others which is turning to be their own personal prison. You may be afraid that you do not have enough resources to face some upcoming challenges, which is why you may be open to running away or avoiding it.

However, this is a situation that needs to change since this could be your self-created restriction to prevent you from attaining the new heights you need to grow. It encourages you to be brave, but also be careful not to make careless or hasty decisions that may cost you in future.

The Nine of Wands may be an indication of a great personal fear or mentality that could affect you. Hence, it is important that you do something to deal with it before fear consumes you and prevents you from moving onward.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
relationship failing despite putting in work, one partner putting in work feeling drained and fatigued at work, struggling at work, nearing burnout avoiding financial pressure, trying to escape financial stress

Reversed 9 of Wands Tarot Love Meaning

All the preparations and work you have been doing in your romantic life may not be getting you the results that you expected. The reversed 9 of Wands tarot love meaning can indicate that despite your best efforts, the relationship that you have been fighting for has been draining and exhausting you. Disagreements are only natural, you are two different people after all, but make sure that you are not the only one in your relationship that is willing to do the work; both partners must be willing to compromise and meet each other halfway for a successful partnership. If you’re single, you may also want to ensure that the boundaries that you have set around yourself are not working to keep other people out.

Career Meaning - Reversed 9 of Wands

You might be experiencing exhaustion and professional fatigue if you find the reversed nine of wands here. Whatever battles you have fought with work recently have left you drained of all energy. Remember that work is only part of your life. Try to recharge what strength you can gather be it at work or in the other aspects of your life. Also, be aware of any failure to compromise on your part as this could be the root of your exhaustion. It is particularly tiring to wrestle with your own morals, be aware of when you are engaged in such battles for work. Whether you are struggling against your own morals are external conflicts, it might be that you are fighting hard against a current that will not abate. Understand when you are tiring yourself out by fighting a futile battle. Sometimes a change of course is the best way to end a conflict. This is not necessarily a defeat. Change is a part of development. Be self-critical to determine if you are being strong or stubborn. 

Finances Meaning - Reversed 9 of Wands

If you find the nine of wands here, it is a sign that you need to take responsibility for your financial situation. It might be particularly tempting now to run away from money troubles but don’t. Escapism is tempting but ultimately destructive. Don’t be swayed by easy outs that will damage your finances in the future. Do not, for example, waste money on a trip if you’re stressed about your debt. At this time, financial responsibility also means paying particularly close attention to your valuables. You might find they go missing if you do not pay enough attention to them now.

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Nine of Wands Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings Cheat Sheet

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