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Six of Wands Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


6 of Wands Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
success, victory, triumph, rewards, recognition, praise, acclaim, pride failure, lack of recognition, no rewards, lack of achievement
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Six of Wands Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

The Six of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Six of Wands tarot card depicts a man who is currently wearing a wreath of victory around his head. He is depicted riding a horse through a crowd of people who are cheering. The horse is white, which is a well-known symbol of strength, purity as well as success. The crowd is there to show the public’s recognition for the achievements of the man riding the horse. The wand that the man is carrying also has a wreath which is tied to it in an attempt to further emphasize his success. The man is not afraid, or shy about all of this attention but rather proud with his accomplishments. To this, the crowd around him reacts with cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

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Upright Six of Wands Meaning

This particular card is all about public recognition, victory, and success. Not only have you managed to properly succeed in achieving all of your goals, but you are also being publicly acknowledged for them and the results that you’ve managed to attain. You may have received an award or some sort of public acclaim.

The card is indicative that you have managed to harness the strengths and talents that you have within you in an attempt to bring a particularly successful outcome in your life. You have managed to properly get through the confusion which is brought by the card before this one – the Five of Wands, and managed to properly minimize distractions, thus successfully focusing on your goals and achieving them.

The card is indicative that you have managed to harness the strengths and talents that you have within you in an attempt to bring a particularly successful outcome in your life.

It’s also worth noting that there is a slight downside apart from the overall positivity that stems from the card. It can bring self-importance as well as egotistical behavior and arrogance. This could make you think that nobody is better than you.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
success at love, fulfilling a relationship goal career achievement, project completion, being rewarded financial stability, financial rewards

Upright 6 of Wands Tarot Love Meaning

If you’re single, the 6 of Wands tarot love meaning signals that success is coming your way. It may be that others find you especially attractive right now. If you’ve been searching for someone, they may be more receptive to you than usual. All it takes is you making your approach. If you’re in a relationship, and you’ve been working together towards something, like moving in together after a long distance relationship, or buying a home, these goals are likely to come into fruition. The future between you seems bright, and can bring the two of you much joy.

Career Meaning - Upright 6 of Wands

This six of wands is generally a very positive card that signifies success and self-confidence. These principles apply to your work-life when it appears in this position. You have likely reached an achievement at work of which you are particularly proud of. Rewards are also likely to come your way; it can mean a promotion or raise is forthcoming or recently occurred. If you recently completed a project, it will likely have good results. Whatever battles you have fought recently have been resolved in your favor. Savor this moment of contentment and confidence. Do not let your assuredness venture into egoism, but you can celebrate the end of previous conflicts and enjoy your current position.

Finances Meaning - Upright 6 of Wands

You are in a solid financial position if this card appears here. Thanks to your dedication and perseverance in times of trouble, you are currently enjoying a moment of peace and financial stability. This is a time to appreciate the hard work you have put in and to value their rewards. Feel free to indulge in moderation, but be wary of being too confident. It is never wise to be frivolous with your purchases. Heed this general warning and embrace your success.

Reversed Six of Wands Meaning

When the card is reversed, this suggests that you might find yourself doubting all of your abilities as well as your overall potential to achieve any kind of success. You might be feeling particularly negative about your entire self as if you have failed others as well as yourself. This is a symbol that means that you lack the confidence and drive that you need to achieve. You need the overall support as well as recognition of third parties in order to pick you up, to emotionally provide you with some much-needed strength.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
feeling unloved, feeling neglected, being overlooked failed work project, unrewarded work, unmet career goal financial loss, failed investment, bad purchase

Reversed 6 of Wands Tarot Love Meaning

Your confidence may be low right now; the reversed 6 of Wands tarot love meaning can suggest that you aren’t getting the kind of love that you believe you deserve. You may be feeling looked over, and rivals who don’t have the same loving, caring attitude that you do are finding themselves successful instead. Oftentimes, what is needed is an attitude change; ensure that this does not turn into bitterness. Confidence and positivity are attractive, and negativity often repels others. If you’re in a relationship, you or your partner may feel unappreciated or neglected.

Career Meaning - Reversed 6 of Wands

When reversed the success generally associated with the six of wands is subverted. Instead of indicating triumph, in this position, the six of wands represents failure and a lack of ambition regarding work. It might be that you were passed over for a promotion or raise. If there was a recent conflict or competition at work, it likely did not or will not resolve itself in your favor. If there have not been such specific moments of tension, the six might be in reference to your general feelings at work. These feelings will manifest as a sense of stagnation or disinterest in projects. It could be that owing to a lack of drive, you feel stuck in your current position. Regardless of the exact context, this is a sign of underachievement. 

Finances Meaning - Reversed 6 of Wands

If the six of wands appears to you in this position, take a moment to reassess your finances. There has likely been a downturn in your financial situation. This can be due to a single negative event or represent the state of your economic affairs more broadly. If it is the former, an investment that you made may not have yielded results, or a purchase you made wasn’t what you thought it would be. If there have not been individual investments or purchases that have decreased your financial holdings, it is likely that your money is dwindling more slowly. Though it might not be a crisis, you may be going through trying times. It can be hard to muster the confidence to trust that things will improve. Work to be productive and proactive about your finances.

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