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Queen of Swords Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Queen of Swords Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
honest, independent, principled, fair, constructive criticism, objective, perceptive pessimistic, malicious, manipulative, harsh, bitter, spiteful, cruel, deceitful, unforgiving
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Queen of Swords Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Queen of Swords wears a stern look as she sits high on the throne - looking off into the distance. A queen of the air element that the swords represents, her place in the clouds shows that no one can trick or fool her. The sword in her right hand is pointed towards the sky, whereas the left hand is extended like it is offering something. The Queen of Swords gives us the gift of judgment for everyday decisions and having the flexibility to take in knowledge from others.

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Upright Queen of Swords Meaning

The Queen of Swords is an archetype of an older, wiser feminine intellect. She could be thought of as the most masculine of the all the queens, and may come off as quite stern and emotionless. This card represents the importance of making judgments without relying on emotion alone. The Queen of Swords beckons you to look at all the facts before making a decision. This queen does have compassion, which is why she has her hand reaching outwards in offering, but she wants to connect to people using an understanding that is intellectual.

This card represents the importance of making judgments without relying on emotion alone. The Queen of Swords beckons you to look at all the facts before making a decision.

This card also means that you will need to become independent with your judgments. You must rely on the unbiased intelligence, which has you researching alternative viewpoints and thinking carefully on your decision. Compassion and empathy in these cases can distract you from your task, so you need you are trying to keep a strong objective view while avoiding getting emotions involved.

The Queen of Swords can also be about the way that we speak with others. This queen has the ability to tell people the way it is. This allows her to get her point across, so there is no confusion about what is being said. Above all, truth is important to her, so she feels no need to soften her comments, thoughts, or opinions. She also expects the same frankness from other people, so this means that you need to be clear with everything that is being said, even if it may hurt.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
picky about lovers, independent partner, boundaries constructive criticism, wise guidance, respect in field acting with logic and reason, financial clarity

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright Queen of Swords

The person represented by the Queen of Swords can be a loner; she is very discerning about the people she surrounds herself with. Her intellect is sharp and perceptive, and her determination can be rather intimidating to those that do not know her well. Underneath her shell however, she can be loving and loyal, though she may still prefer to avoid grand romantic displays. If this is someone whose heart you’ll like to win, you’ll need patience, as this queen does not easily let down her guard. If this card doesn’t represent a person, the Queen of Swords tarot love meaning can suggest a time when you are looking for both independence and self-sufficiency alongside your partnership. This queen values her own space and identity. You may have to make some adjustments to create clarity and boundaries in your relationship.

Career Meaning - Upright Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords can point to either someone more senior, or yourself in a career tarot reading. This person is wise, honest, and may be a source of constructive criticism. They can offer great advice on how to proceed in your career. If this card represents you, you may be at a period in your life when you are able to get much respect from your colleagues. You are able to effectively communicate your sharp ideas, as well as combine them with a strong place of empathy. You’ll likely have a strong reputation due to your integrity and your fairness.  

Finances Meaning - Upright Queen of Swords

When dealing with financial matters, you’ll need to act with consideration, logic and wisdom right now. Have a clear balance between heart and head. If you’re being asked to help with someone’s financial situation, look at things fairly, from both your perspective and theirs. This can usually mean being able to give assistance, but with boundaries. Put together a contract, or a payment plan; set some rules. This queen is also sharp and perceptive; noticing all details. Make sure you have clarity about your financial situation.

Queen of Swords Reversal Meaning

The Queen of Swords reversed meaning is that you may be thinking too much with your heart, and you are becoming too emotionally involved with your current situation. You have to start thinking more objectively, because your emotions could lead you astray. Take the time to look at the situation using various facts and use your head to create a clearer picture of what is really going on. Only then, can you decide what your next move should be.

When reversed, the Queen of Swords can also be quite bitter, coldhearted, or resentful. You may have started to isolate yourself for a number of reasons, but the outside world could be taking this in the wrong way. You may have some explaining to do, especially if your relationships end up being stressed by your desire for solitude.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
trauma, toxic relationship, manipulation, cruelty cruel coworker, excessive negativity, poor communication financial confusion, failure to make logical financial decisions

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed Queen of Swords

A reversed Queen of Swords is someone who is bitter, manipulative, overly critical and can be downright cruel. This person can represent you our your partner at this particular time, or alternatively, someone outside of the relationship that is attempting to interfere. Sometimes, this person’s nastiness can be the result of trauma, and because of this, if your partner is demonstrating these traits, it can sometimes be the result of unresolved trauma that is coming to the surface. If you are single, there can be the chance that you have just gone through a break up, one that has left you feeling vengeful and unforgiving. These beliefs can be toxic; learn to use your experiences to overcome them, instead of being consumed by them.

Career Meaning - Reversed Queen of Swords

Is there someone at work who is holding a grudge against you? The Queen of Swords reversed can indicate an overly critical person who uses her words and her intellect to create suffering. She can be harsh, and sometimes downright cruel with how she expresses herself. If this is you, you may need to learn how to communicate better. Can you be honest while also caring for another person’s feelings? Can you address your concerns about a project without blaming someone? These may actually benefit you by helping others better digest your ideas. Avoid being too negative. 

Finances Meaning - Reversed Queen of Swords

If you’ve been communicating about finances poorly, you may be dealing with the consequences right now. Lack of clarity about your own financial situation could also be the culprit. Perhaps you lent money to a friend or a family member, who has failed to pay you back, or you may have given or spent more than you could actually afford. You’ll need to make sure that you’re more clear about your own boundaries and limits next time.

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