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Two of Swords Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Two of Swords Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
stalemate, difficult choices, stuck in the middle, denial, hidden information indecision, hesitancy, anxiety, too much information, no right choice, truth revealed
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Two of Swords Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Two of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Two of Swords symbolizes the confusion we face when we are forced to make difficult choices. In the Two of Swords card, there is a seated woman that is blindfolded while holding a sword in each of her hands. In the background, there is a sea surrounded by crags and rocks that serve as obstacles for vessels and ships, stalling progress and action. The woman in the card being blindfolded is a representation of a situation which prevents her from seeing both the problem and the solution with clarity.

The swords that she is holding in each of her hands show that there are two choices that lead in different directions and are mutually exclusive to one another. It may also depict a stalemate, which means that the problem should be addressed with a logical and rational thinking. The Moon positioned on the right side of the card signifies may signify the role of illusions and deception in the difficulty that the woman has in making a choice.

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Upright Two of Swords Meaning

When we see the Two of Swords in a reading, we are encountering a stalemate. Two equal and opposing forces are joined in battle, and there seems to be no end in sight. This wasn't what you had in mind when you chanced to walk down this path, and you find yourself caught in the middle. Without something, or someone to intervene, this may continue indefinitely. We find ourselves in a situation where we must make a choice, we can side with one part of the situation, or we can side with the other. Neither seems particularly appealing, which makes the decision even more difficult. But unless we move past this stalemate, there can be no more progress.

We find ourselves in a situation where we must make a choice...Neither seems particularly appealing.

The Two of Swords is often related with balance and partnership. It signifies the need to keep your relationships balanced. Regardless if it is in business, friendship or romantic relationship, you may find yourself struggling to maintain the current state of affairs, and may find yourself caught in the middle.  In regards to your work, you may be currently stuck in limbo and are perhaps waiting on another party's decision. Remain patient and avoid pressuring people in making their decision abruptly. 

The Two of Swords meaning may depict a warning to have caution. Like the woman in the card, you may be choosing to keep the blindfold on, hoping the problem will just go away. You should avoid evading any issues that you are facing, since it will not solve your problems. 

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
choosing between lovers, choosing between love / family / work choosing between career paths, conflicts at work, taking sides avoiding financial decisions, unclear finances

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright 2 of Swords 

If you’re single, you may find it difficult to move ahead in your love life. The 2 of Swords tarot love meaning suggests being stuck between decisions. Are you attempting to choose between two lovers? Or love and other aspects of your life? It seems like your options are equally appealing, and instead of being an active participant in your life choices, you may be attempting to avoid a choice altogether. Be careful that the world doesn’t make your choice for you. If you’re in a relationship, something perhaps blocks you and your partner from resolving your problems. The 2 of Swords tarot love meaning also indicates a stalemate of sorts. It is not the time to ignore problems, but speak together carefully to find a compromise.

Career Meaning - Upright 2 of Swords

You might find yourself stuck in the middle of a work conflict. This can come in the form of having to side with one colleague or another, while all you want to do is remain impartial. Choosing one person over the other can create tension and rifts, and you may be worried about damaging your relationships with them. Sometimes, the card can mean you are trying to choose between two jobs or career paths. The 2 of Swords can sometimes also suggest that you don’t have all the information you need to make your choice yet. If you still have time, use it to research and get the answers you need. 

Finances Meaning - Upright 2 of Swords

Are you avoiding something when it comes to money right now? This card suggests you may be in denial about your financial situation, and you may find it easier to avoid looking at your finances completely. If you took the effort to look clearly, you may find that you’ll have to make some tough choices. Maybe you wanted that new designer dress, as well as a new laptop, but a clearer view of your bank account can show that you can only afford one right now. Whatever the situation is, just make sure you view it clearly and rationally.

Two of Swords Reversal Meaning

The situation we see in the reversed Two of Swords is a stalemate of a legendary kind, one where two forces are battling each other. This battle can be representative of both something internal or external, and you are forced to be in between and be the decision maker. However, because neither party seems particularly pleasing to work with, you may find yourself confused, the pressure is too much, and you are unable to make a decision.

When you do make the decision, it will be choosing between two bad outcomes. Do not worry, the more important thing here is to make a choice, from then on, we can deal with whatever consequences come.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
no suitor is right for you, can’t prioritize love / family / work choices with no winner, stressful decisions realizing truth, accepting financial position

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed 2 of Swords

Sometimes, there is no right choice with the reversed 2 of Swords tarot love meaning. If you’re single and find yourself attempting to choose between two potential lovers, it can seem that none of them feel particularly right to you. If you’re already in a relationship, you may find yourself choosing between your lover and other aspects of your life. You may feel more indecisive and confused than ever. Painful decisions are suggested by this card, regardless of where you are in your romantic life. The longer you wait to make a choice however, the more your anxiety grows, creating further issues. Sometimes you may be forced to make a decision when you’re not ready. Making a choice now, and dealing with the outcome can release the burden you feel. Listen to your instincts.

Career Meaning - Reversed 2 of Swords

It seems like the conflicts you’ve been experiencing at work have been escalating, and they can be creating lots of stress for you. If you’re stuck between two fighting colleagues, it seems that no matter what you choose to do, you’ll be in hot water, and that there are no right choices. Alternatively, you may find yourself responsible for big decisions at work; you can be leading projects, or making choices between two careers. There’s a lot of anxiety behind these decisions, as they seem irreversible. You probably have been doing a lot of research, but instead of helping, you’re dealing now with information overload, and things can be more unclear than ever. 

Finances Meaning - Reversed 2 of Swords

You’re finally learning to look your finances in the face, no matter how stressful the situation is. Once you recognize the reality, it becomes easier to make the right decisions. Alternatively, this card can signal that you’re not fully absorbing any financial information you’re trying to learn. Instead of helping you, it feels too overwhelming. Instead of letting that feeling push you away, go slowly. Learn a little at a time, and focus on one thing each week. You’ll get it in no time.

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