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A Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread

By Tina Gong


Virgo is know to be methodical and highly analytical, taking great pleasure in good organization. Its pride is in its perfectionism and the ability to make everything run like clockwork. They are the ideal employee, the person you can rely on to see the whole project through even if some of the other team members don't have their heart and soul in it. One may be bored, the other lacking interest, the next doesn't even want to be there - but Virgo will take care of it all. At the same time, they will remain quite modest and unassuming, approachable and unlikely to boast about their achievements.

What the New Moon in Virgo Will Be About

While the average Virgo can be critical to the point of constantly nit-picking, during the Full Moon these negative traits take a back seat to more positive aspects of the sign. The aptitude for problem solving and optimization will come to the fore and allow functionality and applicability to assume the front and center position. Committed to maintaining order and efficiency, Virgo will always try to prop up those that may be failing for whatever reason and offer help to those not able to cope. By their nature, they find joy in serving and are thus an invaluable asset to any organization.

Taking great honor in sense of duty, Virgos make good medics and carers or in fact excel in any profession that requires a great attention to detail coupled with a compassionate heart. Always making sure that everything is under control and that the person or project they were entrusted the care of is safe, sound and well taken care of, they commit to performing their task with humbleness and modesty and bring into it everything they've got.

An example of a tarot reading using the Virgo Full Moon Spread

Restructuring Your Role During the Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon's positioning in Virgo is to us a sign to become more reliable and more committed to our mission in life - whatever it may be. We ought to allow others to give us advice, but also not shy away from sharing our "know how" with others. Perfectionist to a fault, Virgo urges us to examine ours own habits and those of others, be open to receiving feedback and always aim to better ourselves and help our fellow men (and women!) on their journey through life. With the precision of a surgeon and a loving heart of a mother of ten, Virgo will serve as your guiding light.

Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes we need to be somewhat harsh and brutally honest, especially with ourselves. Virgo is the one who will give you motivation to whip yourself into shape, mentally and spiritually - to work on your inner being, self-development and self-actualization of your mind as well as your body. This strict yet loving mindset will do you good in case you are feeling lazy or have neglected to take care of some aspect of our life. Virgo will fix everything and set you on the right track.

What Does the Moon Bring You?

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A Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread

To start off, we’re going to go through our decks and find the Hermit card, which is the corresponding card in the tarot to the Virgo zodiac sign. We’re going to use this as a significator of sorts, to help us focus our thoughts on this Virgo full moon.

Shuffle the cards as usual, draw and lay them out as pictured.

  1. Where can I be more organized? - What is messy in my life that needs more structure and process?
  2. What in my life needs to be restructured? - What needs to be analyzed, carefully considered, and rebuilt
  3. How can I step into my role as a healer? - What can I offer the world? How do I embrace it?

Full Virgo in Virgo Tarot Spread - A cheat sheet using the Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck. Zodiac and Astrology based Tarot Spreads on Labyrinthos.co

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