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A New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

By Tina Gong


In this coming week, we’ll be witness to the New Moon in Leo, which encourages us to focus on igniting our inner fires. This coming cycle will shine a light in on our creative energies and test our courage to step into the spotlight, and express who we are authentically and with pride.

What the New Moon in Leo Will Be About

That means that during this new moon and into the cycle beyond, we need to take a closer look at the decisions we’re making and why we’re making them - particularly in areas of life where we’ve lost our sense of passion. This cycle, we’re going to examine which parts of our lives have become stale, and why we are no longer making bold, adventurous and purposeful decisions.

Courage, Risks and Expression for New Moon in Leo

In order to take risks, to follow our passions, and express ourselves with authenticity, we must be firmly rooted in our courage. Confidence will be a common theme throughout this cycle - for this is the foundation for Leo’s playful yet powerful energy. When we don’t have confidence, we cannot even dare to imagine a better self, and without a picture of who we could be, and who we would like to be, we cannot move toward it.

In the other extreme, we’re also going to take a look at the darker side of Leo, whose regal demeanor can sometimes also create stumbling blocks to their own success.

a new moon in leo tarot reading

So as we go into this new moon, these are questions that we must start asking ourselves. If you haven’t yet set an intention or have one in mind that you’d like to develop, you can try doing working with the tarot spread listed below to help you develop some ideas about where to focus this cycle.

As a note, this is how I generally like to do readings for new moons: using readings as a catalyst for thinking about intentions and goals I can be setting for the oncoming cycle, which are usually related to the new moon’s sign. For me, these are really quite different from Full Moon readings, which to me, should be ways be about celebrating the sign’s qualities in yourself. There’s lots of methods, but I’ve found this pattern pretty helpful and easy to remember. As always of course, you can adapt and improve upon these methods for your own use!

What Does the Moon Bring You?

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New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

As with all my moon spreads that reference the zodiac, I like pulling out the sign's corresponding major arcana tarot card as a point of focus during the reading. For Leo, that means we're looking at the Strength card. Before you start the reading, find it and set it in the position shown in the reading before you start shuffling the deck.

  1. How can I better express myself? - Where can I be more honest about my true feelings?
  2. How can I be more true to my passions? - What am I holding back? Where in life have I lost my inspiration and should let go?
  3. Where am I underestimating myself? - Where can you gain confidence?
  4. Where in life is my ego blocking me? - Where can I stand to be more humble? Where is my ego blocking me from growth?

A New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread - moon phase and lunar phase tarot readings

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  • Umide
    Thank you for sharing this post. I like the distinction between the two types of moon readings, it allows for more insight.
  • Marcia Martin
    Anything I should be doing for the solar eclipse? I’m Capricorn,the Devil. Thank you.

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