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Examining Relationships with Tarot - 3 Love Tarot Spreads to Understand You & Your Partner

By Tina Gong


Love is one of the greatest, perhaps even the greatest, of human mysteries that we desire to experience. And naturally, because of it's elusive and coveted nature, it also happens to be one of the most common topics readers are asked to answer. Whether it is for you yourself, or for another - there are so many situations that we search for answers about. 

How to Use these Love Tarot Spreads

The spreads we're focusing on here today are meant to be used to get a different perspective on the loves and the relationships in your lives. For the most part, we're focusing on romantic relationships, but some of these can also be used for relationships in general, or adapted to be used that way. We're going to be listing these in the order from the simplest to the most complex.

Without further ado, we hope these spreads will be used to help you along your journey!

3-Card Love / Relationship Tarot Spread

3 Card Tarot Spread for Love / Relationships - List of Love Tarot Spreads

The simplest of these tarot spreads, we recommend this for a quick diagnosis of the relationship dynamics amongst two people. After shuffling your cards and focusing on your questions, lay first the left most card, then the right most, making room for a third card in the middle between them.

  1. You - What is your role in this relationship? How do you perceive yourself, and how does that affect your partnership?
  2. Lover / Partner - What is their role in the relationship? How do you perceive your partner? And how does that affect the partnership?
  3. Dynamics - How would you describe this relationship? What are the characteristics of it?

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5-Card Cross Love Tarot Spread

5 Card Cross Tarot Spread for Love / Relationships - List of Love Tarot Spreads

This is similar to the 3-card love tarot spread, but aims to give more detail on how the relationship has developed over time, and what the direction of your relationship is if it follows its current trajectory. Instead of having a single card in the middle, draw 3 cards from top to bottom in the middle.

  1. Your role - What is your role in your partnership?  
  2. Partner's role - What is your partner's role?
  3. Past foundation - What was the foundation of your relationship? How did you two come together? What initially united you?
  4. Present status - What is the current state of your relationship? What dynamics are currently in place?
  5. Looming future - Where is this relationship going? What kind of feelings / partnership can you expect to develop together? 

Compatibility Love Tarot Spread

Compatibility Tarot Spread for Love / Relationships - List of Love Tarot Spreads

This tarot spread focuses completely on the dynamics between two partners, and analyzes different aspects of your relationship that might be points of contention or unification. 

  1. Your wants - What are you looking for in a relationship? What do you need from the relationship to consider it successful?
  2. Partner's wants - What does your partner want in a relationship? What would they need for it to be successful?
  3. Differences - In what parts of life do you two find differences? What are possible points of disagreement?
  4. Similarities - Where in life do you find similarities? What brings you together?
  5. Emotional Compatibility - How compatible are you emotionally?
  6. Physical Compatibility - How compatible are you physically? How would you characterize your physical relationship?
  7. Mental Compatibility - How compatible are you mentally? Do you find similar things to be intellectually stimulating? 


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  • Melody
    I’m fresh out of a 6 year relationship and just started talking to a past love who claims to b in a relationship I need to know should I fight for my current or my past love or is there something else in store for me??
  • Koara
    For these do you only use the majors? Or do you use all 78 cards?
  • Tanzila
    I want to know if me and my current will ever get back and have a future
  • ẞtéphàñíe
    Thank you for this opportunity for something and I think I just found it

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Labyrinthos Academy Crest: Tarot for Health, Wellness and Psychological Balance

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