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Seven Daily Tarot Spreads to Add to Your Tarot Practice this Year

By Tina Gong


Reading the tarot doesn’t have to be a complicated affair - and oftentimes the best way to get acquainted with how to use it is through working with the cards every day. Having a regular schedule not only helps you create consistency in your learning habits, but can also help you create a more cohesive narrative of your experiences. Having a daily tarot practice gives each day a meaning - a lesson, a theme - something that adds up to more than hours in a day.

While usually that can be a simple single card tarot spread, sometimes you might have the desire to switch it up a bit. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event that you’d like additional guidance on, or you’re winding down from an especially complicated morning and you’d like some more help unpacking your insights, or even if you’re just looking for a simple change in routine, these daily tarot spreads were designed to help you do just that.

How to Use These Daily Tarot Spreads

The following spreads will be simple enough that the layout won’t be so important. If you’re really looking to follow rules, we did provide you a loose guideline of how to place them - but you can if you choose simply draw these in a line. We’re going to design the layout of these spreads following the same principles as a few of our older tarot spreads, which you can find here.

Balanced Daily Tarot Spreads

Daily Check-In Tarot Spread

A simple spread for assessing three aspects of your day. You can use this both before your day begins to prepare for what may come - or after, in order to gather and summarize your experiences.

  1. Today’s Feelings
  2. Today’s Health
  3. Today’s Thoughts

Guidance, Experiences and Lessons Daily Tarot Spread

This spread is useful at the beginning of each day in order to find focus and direction. Even though you may have limited time, these three cards can give you practical insights you can start thinking about immediately.

  1. What will guide me
  2. What will I experience
  3. What must I learn

Hidden Truths Daily Tarot Spread

After a long and sometimes chaotic day, this spread helps me unscramble my thoughts into something more coherent that I can takeaway into the larger narrative of my life. 

  1. Theme of day
  2. What lies beneath
  3. Advice

Areas of Life Daily Tarot Spread

Another spread that is more down to earth for daily use - feel free to replace these items with themes in your life that you come in contact with more often. 

  1. Work
  2. Family
  3. Love

Balanced Daily Tarot Spreads: Seven Daily Tarot Spreads to Try Out this Year

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Foundational Daily Tarot Spreads

The Expected and Unexpected Daily Tarot Spread

Using this tarot spread at the beginning of the day can be helpful for a quick preparation for what might come. Once you understand what is happening around you, you can make better, more informed and purposeful choices.

  1. What to expect
  2. What is unexpected
  3. Theme of day

Action Oriented Daily Tarot Spread

Sometimes you might be looking for more tangible guidance than anything else. This spread focuses on actions - things that can bring both positive and negative results towards your goals, and something that gives you a bigger picture of what matters most: your happiness. 

  1. What to do
  2. What not to do
  3. What will bring me joy

Foundational Daily Tarot Spreads: Seven Daily Tarot Spreads to Try Out this Year

Linear Daily Tarot Spreads

Time of the Day Daily Tarot Spread

A simple and versatile spread that guides you through times of the day. Again, because it’s so versatile, you can use this both during the beginning and end of the day.

  1. Morning 
  2. Afternoon
  3. Evening

Linear Daily Tarot Spreads: Seven Daily Tarot Spreads to Try Out this Year

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  • Tabetha kent
    Is it best to pull cards randomly or take from the top?
  • Anne
    Hi! Do you use all cards shuffled (minor and major) and pull from full deck or do you separate just minor arcana since these are daily themes?
  • Tina
    @Brandi – Hey Brandi, sorry for the confusion – you would just use different cards for each spread, meaning you would shuffle, and pull new cards for each. The layout is the only thing that remains the same (the visual way and order that you lay down the cards). Does that make sense? Trying to condense things here so they fit in one blog post without too much repetition. :)
  • Brandi
    Hi there! I was just curious about your ‘Seven Daily Tarot Spreads to Add to Your Tarot Practice this Year’ blog. If I do the Balanced Daily Tarot Spread, do I use the first 3 cards to read all 4 of the Balanced Daily Tarot Spreads? For example: I draw 3 cards for the spread, do I keep those same cards for : Daily Check-In Tarot Spread Guidance, Experiences and Lessons Daily Tarot Spread Hidden Truths Daily Tarot Spread Areas of Life Daily Tarot Spread Or do I draw 3 different sets of cards for each spread?

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