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Three Career Tarot Spreads for Finding Your Path and Calling

By Tina Gong


Whether you’re working a nine to five, or hustling on your own, when we lead more fulfilling work lives, we tend to enjoy richer lives overall. In 2014, employees in America spent roughly 47 hours per week at work. That makes it a huge chunk of our time, and if we’re lucky, we might be doing something that is worthwhile, or at least spend it with people that we enjoy. And if things are not so great in our work lives, it means that sadly, it easily can slip into other areas - whether we’re taking it out on our loved ones, or stressing about finances. 


How to Use These Career Tarot Spreads

These spreads were meant to take a closer look into your work self, and can be used whether you’re happy where you are, and just trying to understand where your current job is going, or whether you’re looking around for other options. In particular, we’re focusing on 3 situations, and we hope you’ll find these useful.


A Career Status Check - Brick by Brick Career Tarot Spread

For those of you are looking for a status check on where your work situation is going, this general-purpose spread is meant to do that for you. This can be used for several scenarios; whether you’re pretty happy and are thinking of your longer term trajectory, whether you’re feeling a little blasé about where you are, and perhaps need some reminders about what you’re doing there. If you’re at somewhere you don’t particularly like, but you need to be there for various reasons, this spread might also help you find some of the more positive moments in your job, and ground you in the bigger picture of where you’re going. No matter where you are in your life, it’s always important to consider a longer term picture, whether to find something you can strive for, or to remind you that the tomorrows of the world don’t need to be the same as your today.

Brick by Brick Career Tarot Spread - 3 Career Tarot Spreads for Finding Your Purpose

  1. What is your purpose here? - Why did you choose this job in the first place? 
  2. What motivates you? - What about this job pushes you to do what you do everyday? What inspires you to do your best?
  3. What are you responsibilities? - What is your role here, whether it’s in the job description or not?
  4. How are your projects doing? - Your current state - what is the environment like? How do you feel about the work?
  5. What are the potential rewards? - What you stand to gain from this job, financially, spiritually, or otherwise.
  6. Where is this all leading? - What is a possible future that is coming from all of this?


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Dream Job / Setting Your Career Goals - Shooting Forward Career Tarot Spread

Sometimes we know what we want, but we don’t necessarily have a path to achieve it. This spread is here for you to help you find that path, and the things within you that can help you achieve your goals. Unlike the previous spread, which was more along the lines of using the day to day as a foundation to build a future, this spread uses the first card, your goal, as a means to ground the entire spread, and how you can earn it.

Shooting Forward Career Tarot Spread - 3 Career Tarot Spreads for Finding Your Purpose

  1. What is your dream job? - What would it look like? What would you be doing everyday? What would be your role? What could you gain?
  2. How can you get there? - What are the paths forward?
  3. What qualities do you bring to the table? - What do you have within you that would help you in your dream job?
  4. Where can you find assistance? - Who can help you? What networks are available to you?
  5. What needs attention? - What have you overlooked that could impact your path there?


Dealing with Work Problems - Facing Challenges Career Tarot Spread

And finally, there are times when work is pretty awful - which is why we built this spread to help you diagnose the issue, and think clearly about ways to overcome it. When the job is shitty, it’s again good to remind yourself of the bigger picture and where you’re going with this. Hopefully the answers you’ll get are eye-opening and help guide the direction in which you can overcome what you’re dealing with.

Facing Challenges Career Tarot Spread - 3 Career Tarot Spreads for Finding Your Purpose

  1. Your Goal - What is it that you are seeking from the job right now?
  2. Your Challenge - What or who is blocking you? 
  3. What Pulls You Back? - What is not productive in dealing with this issue? How are you being distracted?
  4. What Pushes You Forward? - What is productive in dealing with this issue? How should you proceed?
  5. What the Job Gives You? - What you stand to gain from this job, financially, spiritually, or otherwise.
  6. Underlying Factors - What is really going on here? What is the source of the issue?


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  • Ruth Ann Sitongia
    I was doing a Google search and I found your site and some of your tarot spreads are really amazing I would love to learn more from your site. Thank you

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