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The Magician Meaning - Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

The Magician Tarot Card Description

The Magician is one tarot card that is filledĀ with symbolism. The centralĀ figure depicts someone with one hand pointed to the sky, while the other hand points to the ground, as if to say "as above, so below". This is a rather complicated phrase, but its summarization is that earth reflects heaven, the outer world reflects within, the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, earth reflects God. It can also be interpreted here thatĀ the magician symbolizes the ability to act as a go-between between the world above and the contemporary, human world.Ā 

On his table, the magician also wields all the suits of the tarot. This symbolizes the four elements being connected by thisĀ magician - the four elements being earth, water, air, and fire. The infinity sign on his head indicates the infinite possibilities of creation with the will.


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Upright Magician Meaning

The Magician is the representation of pure willpower. With the power of the elements and the suits, heĀ takes the potential innate in the fool and molds it into being with the power of desire. HeĀ is the connecting force between heaven and earth, for heĀ understands the meaning behind the words "as above so below" - that mind and world are only reflections of one another. Remember that you are powerful, create your inner world, and the outer will follow.

Remember that you are powerful, create your inner world, and the outer will follow.

When you get the Magician in your reading, it might mean that it's time to tap into your full potential without hesitation. It might be in your new job, new business venture, a new love or something else.Ā It shows that the time to take actionĀ is now and any signs of holding back would mean missing the opportunity of becoming the best version of yourself. Certain choices willĀ have to be made and these can bring great changes to come. Harness some of the Magician's power to make the world that you desire most.

Upright Magician Tarot Meaning: Love

As with its general meaning, the Magician tarot meaning in love indicates making things manifest. Skill, creativity, desire and determination will bring success in love. Should you be searching for love, the Magician suggests you take action and create opportunities to meet someone who you desire. Because the Magician in tarot also represents resourcefulness and skill, it is also still important to make sure that no deception or illusions are at work.

For both singles and couples, the Magician brings excitement and a desire to experiment.

Reversed Magician Meaning

When you obtain the Magician reversed,Ā it mightĀ mean its time for you to implement some changes. While right side up, the Magician represents true power, the reversed Magician is a master of illusion. The magic that heĀ performs is one of deception and trickery. You may be lured in by the showmanship of his arts, but behind that there may be an intention to manipulate for selfish gain. Getting this card might mean that there isĀ someone who pretends to have your best interests at hand when the opposite is true.Ā 

Consider whether this reversedĀ the magician is in your circle, or perhaps might also represent your current state of emotions. It may mean you may become obsessed with power and that might lead to wrong, reckless decisions that will lead to your eventual downfall.Ā 

Reversed Magician Tarot Meaning: Love

In reverse, the Magician tarot meaning in love can signal that not everything may be what it seems. When it comes to new relationships, you may want to make sure you truly know your new lover. Even if he or she seems perfect, this could be an illusion or performance. Alternatively, the reversed Magician in love can indicate that your low confidence or a lack of willpower, or an inability to manifest your relationships, creating insecurity when it comes to romance and love.

The Magician Meaning Tarot Cheat Sheet

The Magician Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings Cheat Sheet

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