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The Tower Meaning - Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Tower Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
disaster, destruction, upheaval, trauma, sudden change, chaos averting disaster, delaying the inevitable, resisting change
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The Tower Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

The Tower Tarot Card Description

The Tower card depicts a high spire nestled on top of the mountain. A lightning bolt strikes the tower which sets it ablaze. Flames are bursting in the windows and people are jumping out of the windows as an act of desperation. They perhaps signal the same figures we see chained in the Devil card earlier. They want to escape the turmoil and destruction within. The Tower is a symbol for the ambition that is constructed on faulty premises. The destruction of the tower must happen in order to clear out the old ways and welcome something new. Its revelations can come in a flash of truth or inspiration. 

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Upright Tower Meaning

The Tower represents change in the most radical and momentous sense. It is for this reason that the card itself visually looks so unnerving. But it doesn't necessarily have to be truly frightening or ominous. Because at the heart of this card, its message is foundational, groundbreaking change.

The kind of event that the Tower card marks does not have to be something terrible, like a disaster or a great loss.  Change itself is a normal part of life that one has to embrace. But it can sometimes strike fear, for it means that we must abandon the truths that we have known prior to this event. The old ways are no longer useful, and you must find another set of beliefs, values and processes to take their place.

The old ways are no longer useful, and you must find another set of beliefs, values and processes to take their place.

Be positive, it is time for you to replace the old foundations of the past with something that is more genuine and will serve you better in what is to come.

In terms of work, there is an inevitable argument bound to happen. You need to be in control and keep your temper in check. Avoid saying something that may hurt other people. When it comes to your love life, your romantic relationship may be nearing its end. Take this as a warning - if you really value your relationship, then it is time for you to take damage control or open a communication to clear misunderstandings. In your finances, the tower meaning refers to the need to be assured on your transactions.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
breakup, weak relationships ending, foundational shift in view of love sudden job loss, workplace disruption, workplace chaos financial loss, wake up call regarding finances

Upright Tower Tarot Love Meaning

The Tower tarot love meaning signals great fundamental changes. Relationships that have weak or crumbling foundations won’t last much longer, and may collapse. While initially painful, these clear the way for new experiences. Perhaps your relationship was incredibly important to your identity; you took pride in being a good partner or parent, making you stay even while you may have otherwise been unhappy. While these times may be trying, know that they will pass. Should you be single, it may not be a relationship that is being broken down, but your perspective and understanding of the entire notion of what love means to you. What beliefs about love are not serving your highest self? These need to be transformed so you can develop an individual understanding of what your needs are when it comes to relationships.

Career Meaning - Upright Tower

There can be a lot of stress right now when it comes to your career; the Tower can signify a sudden job loss, or the attainment of a new position that creates chaos due to sudden increases in responsibility. Something from the outside environment, like a new boss, or the loss of a colleague could mean disasters happening in the workplace. It is important to remember that at this time, though things are frustrating, that it is possible for these temporary messes to lead to a better long term future, such as a job that suits you better, or a more peaceful workplace in the long term.  

Finances Meaning - Upright Tower

It would be wise for you to make sure you have some funds put away right now. The Tower in its worst case scenario speaks of disaster, and in finances it is no different. There may be unwelcome surprises in store that can create a sudden loss of resources. These scenarios can serve as wake up calls; develop a resilient support system, and tend to the things that truly matter to you.

Reversed Tower Meaning

When you get the Tower card reversed, you can feel some crisis looming along the horizon, and you are struggling as much as you can to try and avoid its manifestation. What you have not realized is that these breakdowns can be beneficial in breaking down your reliance on something that is false. The tower is built on faulty foundations, and it must fall. Though the destruction will be painful, the humbleness resulting from it can bring us peace.

What you relied on will no longer be there for you. Do not take this as a drastic and depressing change, it is time for you to become more self-reliant. 

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
making adjustments in love, leaving a weak relationship surviving layoffs, avoiding taking risks in career surviving financial disaster, repeating financial troubles

Reversed Tower Tarot Love Meaning

Change is never an easy thing to accept, but regardless of how much we resist it, it will come. If you see any problems in your relationship looming in the distance, this is your chance to deal with them now. Doing so may prevent bigger problems later. Are your resentments building up? What have you been keeping quiet because you think it’s not worth arguing over? Slowly, these things may turn into big issues that can uproot an otherwise happy relationship. Sometimes, this card can also signal that you may be ready to leave a relationship that has not been working.

Career Meaning - Reversed Tower

Despite stressful situations at work, you may have been able to pull through. For example, if your workplace has gone through a series of layoffs or redundancies, you may find yourself amongst one of the lucky few that have managed to keep your job. This may come as a relief, or alternatively, can keep you from finding true fulfillment in your career. Sometimes, the Tower is the card that we all need to kick us out of our own stupor, and be motivated to leave the comfort of a monotonous job. This may be the chance you needed to open your eyes to what else could be awaiting you. 

Finances Meaning - Reversed Tower

If you’ve managed to successfully navigate yourself out of financial ruin, take the time to find a bit of relief. However, the Tower suggests that it may be better to accept that this needs to happen for you to move on. For example, if you’ve avoided bankruptcy by a hair by managing to pay off your debt for this month, it may be easier and healthier in the long run to accept your situation and declare bankruptcy. Or if you’ve purchased a home you can’t afford, and the mortgage payments are putting you underwater, it may be wiser for you to sell. Otherwise, one disaster is avoided, only to be restarted again next time; you may continue to have to struggle indefinitely. Consider what will ease your burden right now, and face the situation with a brave face.

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