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Birds Lenormand Card Meaning and Combinations

By Tina Gong


Birds Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Worry
  • Excitement
  • Gossip
  • Chattering
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

A lot of activity and energy is indicated when seeing Birds in your lenormand reading. There’s a strong sense of restlessness, of flitting about from one place to another, of manifold excitement that happens when these little animals gather together. Birds can be hyper alert, filled with nervous anxiety that makes it difficult for them to stay in one place for too long.

This card can also be indicative of chatter happening in your life - and sometimes even gossip. When many birds gather, there seems to be an excited exchange of songs - building up to a constant stream of noise.

Another meaning of this card can include being distracted by many things - your consciousness is focused on too many ideas, making it difficult for you to focus.

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Questions to Ask with Birds

  • Where do I need to focus?
  • How can communicate with more substance?
  • Why am I nervous?
  • What am I excited about?

Birds Lenormand Combinations 

Paired Card Combined Meaning
1. Rider spoken messages, an interview
2. Clover excitement about a lucky chance, worry about luck
3. Ship nervous excitement about travel, worry about travel
4. House a chaotic home, gossip about home life, worry about family
5. Tree speech issues, vocal problems, spiritual
6. Clouds gossip creates confusion, worry creates confusion
7. Snake wanting too many things, messy ambitions
8. Coffin worrying about loss, putting an end to chatty gossip
9. Bouquet chatter and gossip in a gathering
10. Scythe being alert to sudden changes
11. Whip worrying about painful feedback, anxiety and nervousness
13. Child nervousness about inexperience, chatty children
14. Fox watchful alertness and suspicion, selfish worries
15. Bear chatty gossip with or about a guardian figure
16. Stars many dreams, faith is erratic, dreams are unstructured
17. Stork worry about change, transformation in communication
18. Dog nervous friend, excited friend, gossip about friend
19. Tower creating distance to avoid stress and gossip
20. Garden gossiping public, a nervous social occasion causing anxiety
21. Mountain little stresses cause big problems, difficult anxiety
22. Crossroad indecision, nervousness, choices seem chaotic
23. Mice dirty gossip, worry about decay or scarcity
24. Heart worries about love, anxieties about love
25. Ring nervousness about commitment, worries about promise
26. Book private knowledge, worried about education
27. Letter stressful communication, gossip
28. Man a man with a sense of nervous excitement
29. Woman a woman with a sense of nervous excitement
30. Lily gossip about sex, gossip about morals and ethics
31. Sun happy thoughts, little joys
32. Moon emotional instability, worry
33. Key worries about opening up, anxiety about a revelation
34. Fish worries about finances, too many worries
35. Anchor inability to let go of worries, focus on stress
36. Cross worries about responsibilities and burdens

Birds Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Seven of Diamonds
  • Number: 12
  • General Feeling: Neutral
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Timing: Temporary

Birds Lenormand Meaning Cheat Sheet

Birds - Lenormand cards meanings cheat sheet for learning how to use lenormand decks for divination

Birds Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet

Birds Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet - Lenormand is an alternative to tarot for cartomancy. Loved my mystics, witches, wiccans and more. Images from Seventh Sphere Lenormand, a modern Lenormand deck.


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