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The House Lenormand Card Meaning and Combinations

By Tina Gong


The House Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Home
  • Establishment
  • Safety
  • Tradition
  • Custom
  • Privacy
  • Conservation

The House Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

When the House appears in one’s Lenormand card reading, issues of family and home life are being referenced. It can signal both the physical space, the people within it - such as specific family members, and also the more abstract concept of home. When we think of places that feel like home, they are places where we feel safe, where we feel protected, where we feel like we belong, where we are comfortable.

This same sense of belonging and comfort, while creating stability and security - can also make it difficult to go forth and try new ways of doing things. The house is a boundary between what is outside and what is inside - it is a bubble or a barrier, something which separates. It implies that there is an “us” and a “them”. This can mean keeping things away from the private eye, but also can translate to the feeling of close-mindedness.

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Questions to Ask with The House

  • Do I feel at home?
  • Where is my home now?
  • How does tradition affect my current situation?
  • How does my family affect my current situation?
  • Where in life can I explore the unknown?

The House Lenormand Combinations

Paired Card Combined Meaning
1. Rider home announcement, welcoming visitors to the home
2. Clover taking tradition lightheartedly, a lighthearted family member
3. Ship moving away from tradition, leaving home
5. Tree home repairs, stability in health
6. Clouds confusion about family life, lack of roots creates confusion
7. Snake to desire family, conflict between desires vs tradition
8. Coffin loss of family, loss of tradition, burying the familiar
9. Bouquet family social gatherings, gratitude for family
10. Scythe ending of a family relationship, ending of traditions
11. Whip conflict inside family, shame and guilt inside family
12. Birds a chaotic home, gossip about home life, worry about family
13. Child a new family, conflict between new and familiar, child in family
14. Fox suspicion about untraditional things, selfishness in family issues
15. Bear a parent, family leader, protecting family, tradition is influence
16. Stars trust in family, dreams about home and family
17. Stork change in home life, traditions are changing
18. Dog a family friend, devotion to family, devotion to tradition
19. Tower family authority figure, family boundaries
20. Garden private vs public, social traditions
21. Mountain a challenge to the familiar, family challenges
22. Crossroad staying home vs exploration, breaking tradition, family decisions
23. Mice unhealthy family dynamics, decaying sense of tradition
24. Heart a loving family, a private love, to love the familiar
25. Ring commitment to family, deep family connections, commitment to tradition
26. Book family knowledge, secret in family, being home schooled
27. Letter communication about family, communication about tradition
28. Man a male family member, a traditional man
29. Woman a female family member, a traditional woman
30. Lily traditional sexuality, traditional morals
31. Sun a happy family, finding joy in traditions
32. Moon family influence on subconscious, feelings on family
33. Key conflict between tradition vs new methods, revelation about family
34. Fish wealthy family, traditions are valued
35. Anchor stability in family, being restrained by tradition
36. Cross family can be a burden, suffering inside family

The House Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: King of Hearts
  • Number: 4
  • General Feeling: Positive
  • Planet: Moon
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Timing: Permanent

The House Lenormand Meaning Cheat Sheet

The House - Lenormand cards meanings cheat sheet for learning how to use lenormand decks for divination

The House Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet

The House Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet - Lenormand is an alternative to tarot for cartomancy. Loved my mystics, witches, wiccans and more. Images from Seventh Sphere Lenormand, a modern Lenormand deck.

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