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The Crossroad Lenormand Card Meaning and Combinations

By Tina Gong


The Crossroad Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Choices
  • Many Opportunities
  • Travel
  • Separation
  • Hesitation
  • Decisions

The Crossroad Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

With many choices, comes many doubts. While you are being presented with opportunities, it seems that you must choose one path - which closes off the others. Because you know this, you are filled with hesitation. This will not be an easy task, and so your shoulders may feel heavy with the burden of this choice. Remember that you cannot avoid this burden, it is one that you must take in order to progress forward.

On a greater scale, this is the card of free will - indicating that the choices are yours to make - no matter how seemingly difficult the situation may seem.

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Questions to Ask with the Crossroad

  • What choice will bring you the most joy?
  • Why are you hesitating in your decision?
  • What are all of your options?
  • Where are you traveling to?

The Crossroad Lenormand Combinations

Paired Card Combined Meaning
1. Rider scrambled messages, being given choices
2. Clover freedom, taking chances, open opportunities
3. Ship exploration of choices, trying different directions
4. House staying home vs exploration, breaking tradition, family decisions
5. Tree changes in direction, spiritual path, decision about health
6. Clouds indecision, confusion, no good choices, hesitation, ambiguity
7. Snake independence, following your instinct
8. Coffin restraint, self-repression of freedom, giving up choices, no way out
9. Bouquet choices based on pleasure, choices based on rewards
10. Scythe pain from our choices, sudden choice, eliminate a choice
11. Whip contradicting choices, inner conflict, regretting choice
12. Birds indecision, nervousness, choices seem chaotic
13. Child inexperienced choices, open-mindedness
14. Fox suspicious about choices, cautious deliberation, selfish choice
15. Bear influence on choices, confidence about choice
16. Stars choices based on dreams, following hopes
17. Stork rediscovering freedom, returning to choice
18. Dog a follower, choice based on loyalty
19. Tower larger force dictates choices, rational choice
20. Garden freedom in social circles, networking opens up paths
21. Mountain difficult choice, choices have obstacles
23. Mice limits on freedom, stressful choices
24. Heart lack of clarity on relationship, unsure of where to show affection
25. Ring a choice about commitment, making different promises
26. Book education opens freedom, educational choices
27. Letter communicating a choice, expressions of choice
28. Man indecisive male, decision about a man, man with many faces
29. Woman indecisive female, decision about female, woman with many faces
30. Lily many partners, sensual freedom, open morality
31. Sun happy freedom, happy decision, obvious choice
32. Moon emotional choices, fear making a choice
33. Key opening choices, absolute freedom
34. Fish financial decision, valuing freedom
35. Anchor choices are foundation for all things, choice holds us down
36. Cross freedom vs responsibility, a painful choice, burdened by choice

The Crossroad Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Queen of Diamonds
  • Number: 22
  • General Feeling: Neutral
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Timing: 6 - 7 Weeks

The Crossroad Lenormand Meaning Cheat Sheet

 The Crossroad - Lenormand cards meanings cheat sheet for learning how to use lenormand decks for divination

The Crossroad Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet

The Crossroads Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet - Lenormand is an alternative to tarot for cartomancy. Loved my mystics, witches, wiccans and more. Images from Seventh Sphere Lenormand, a modern Lenormand deck.

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