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The Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning and Combinations

By Tina Gong


The Bouquet Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Flattery
  • Social Life
  • Pleasantness
  • Cordiality
  • Etiquette
  • Politeness
  • Appreciation

The Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

Joyful and light social interactions are represented by the Bouquet Lenormand card. This card indicates that we are being presented with some of life’s more pleasant occasions, and we should be taking some time to enjoy them. This card indicates that this is a good chance to develop friendships, reach out, and take pleasure in the kind of happiness that others can bring.

The Bouquet can also be an expression of gratitude and appreciation - it is a token of thanks and recognition that we give to those who support us. This token can be both from sincere feelings, or out of social politeness, or sometimes flattery with a hidden ulterior motive. It is up to the reader and the surrounding cards to determine which face of the Bouquet is present.

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Questions to Ask with The Bouquet

  • How is my social life faring?
  • When was the last time I showed appreciation for those that care for me?
  • Who should I reach out to?
  • Are my friendships sincere?

The Bouquet Lenormand Combinations

Paired Card Combined Meaning
1. Rider an invitation, happy announcement
2. Clover opportunities in social circle, a lighthearted social circle
3. Ship exploring social life, leaving current social circle
4. House family social gatherings, gratitude for family
5. Tree healing, nature, good health, wellness
6. Clouds deceptive social circle, confusion in social circle, false gratitude
7. Snake manipulation by flattery, to desire attention
8. Coffin ending one's social life, loss of gratitude
10. Scythe an unexpected invitation
11. Whip exploiting gratitude, showing kindness during conflict
12. Birds chatter and gossip in a gathering
13. Child showing kindness to child, praising a child
14. Fox socializing for selfish reasons, suspicion about social life
15. Bear social circle dominates life, an influential social circle
16. Stars dreaming of better situations, hopes for social situation
17. Stork transformation in social life, getting admiration from one's changes
18. Dog appreciation for friends, admiration from friends
19. Tower conflict between wanting to be social vs isolating
20. Garden a public meeting, public reputation
21. Mountain obstacles in social situations, difficulties enjoying gifts
22. Crossroad choices based on pleasure, choices based on rewards
23. Mice something pleasant is being corrupted, false flattery
24. Heart loving social circle, flattery in order to gain compassion
25. Ring social commitment, a promise of a visit
26. Book praise over one's education, enjoying one's education
27. Letter communicating gratitude, communication in social circle
28. Man a sociable or flirtatious man
29. Woman a sociable or flirtatious woman
30. Lily gratitude for creature comforts, give without strings attached
31. Sun a happy visit or celebration
32. Moon gratitude, an emotional meeting
33. Key opening up to compliments, opening up to social life
34. Fish giving away wealth, generosity
35. Anchor stability amongst friends, comfort with social circle
36. Cross social life is a burden, suffering for social life

The Bouquet Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Queen of Spades
  • Number: 9
  • General Feeling: Positive
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Timing: Springtime

The Bouquet Lenormand Meaning Cheat Sheet

The Bouquet Lenormand Meanings Cheat Sheet - Lenormand is an alternative to tarot for cartomancy. Loved my mystics, witches, wiccans and more. Images from Seventh Sphere Lenormand, a modern Lenormand deck. 

The Bouquet Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet

The Bouquet Lenormand Combinations Cheat Sheet - Lenormand is an alternative to tarot for cartomancy. Loved my mystics, witches, wiccans and more. Images from Seventh Sphere Lenormand, a modern Lenormand deck.

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