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Page of Cups Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Page of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
idealism, sensitivity, dreamer, naivete, innocence, inner child, head in the clouds emotional vulnerability, immaturity, neglecting inner child, escapism, insecurity
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Page of Cups Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Page of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Page of Cups represents the unexpected inspiration that comes to us from the unconscious, perhaps in ways that we may not truly understand. In this card, a youth at the seashore wears a blue tunic adorned with floral prints, and holds a golden cup. She also wears a beret that looks quite bohemian, and a long flowing scarf. She is surprised by a fish that pops out of the cup, as if to greet her from a fairytale. She can neither drink nor toast with the cup as the fish stares at her and seemingly tries to engage with her.

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Upright Page of Cups Meaning

One of the most important meanings within the Page of Cups is that you should be open to new ideas, especially ones that stem from intuitive inspiration. The card seems to state that such inspiration should be embraced, despite it being something that you may not expect. It could lead you to adventure and open many doors. If it is a calling of a creative nature, for example, one to get into music or art, there's an especially strong push from this card to go for it.

When you are being faced by difficult situations, and you have stopped chasing your dreams, the Page of Cups seems to say that you that you should tackle the issue from a totally different perspective. It symbolizes persistence as this is the only way that you can make your dreams come true. Listen to your intuition, follow your calling, and believe everything is possible.

It symbolizes persistence as this is the only way that you can make your dreams come true.

For those that are afraid to reveal their emotions, the Page of Cups could mean that it is time to release and show those emotions. The creative you and the emotional you should both be expressed, no matter how insignificant they may seem. In most cases, some people cannot express themselves as they want to protect their ego. The Page of Cups indicates that it is alright to have a new beginning - to welcome the real you.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
fresh perspective on relationship, awe and wonder at love and romance finding a creative outlet at work, daydreams about career paths unrealistic financial goals, daydreams without putting in effort

Upright Page of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

The person represented by the Page of Cups tarot love meaning is someone who is intuitive, creative and emotional. They can often have an innocent and naive quality, regardless of their actual age. If this card doesn’t point to a person in your life right now, happy surprises could be in store for you. If you’re already in a relationship, you may be looking at it with fresh eyes, a sense of wonder and awe, and a newfound appreciation for the parts of your partner that you haven’t seen before. If you’re single, your approach to love can be one of childlike fascination. Everything about romance and potential partners can feel delightfully novel to you.

Career Meaning - Upright Page of Cups

The page of cups is an imaginative, sensitive and creative person, and in a career reading, they can often signal a focus on creative fields like art, fashion, poetry and music, or any field in which they can use their innate talent to create something. The page of cups can often have trouble putting their feelings into words, and thus, their creative outlets tend to be places where they can express themselves. They often have their head in the clouds however, so ensure that you are not simply daydreaming about your work goals, and are actually putting effort and taking action to make them become real. Follow your dreams, but make sure that they are well grounded in reality first.

Finances Meaning - Upright Page of Cups

When it comes to finances, the page of cups can suggest daydreaming, and perhaps financial goals that are unrealistic. It may be better for your long term future to focus on things that are achievable, and completing goals one at a time instead of hoping for the lottery, or another risky investment to bring you what you desire.

Page of Cups Reversal Meaning

One Page of Cups reversal meaning is that you are undergoing a block in your creativity. There are things or projects that you find interesting, but you seem to do them for other reasons than for the joy of it. You may be doing them for money, for fame, or something else. A reversed Page of Cups could indicate that you should remember the joy that your projects brought you in the first place to reclaim your imaginative spirit.

Another Page of Cups reversal meaning is that it can symbolize a troubled person. One who is afraid of reality whether it’s emotional, financial, illness or something else. They find these issues difficult to face, perhaps leading to abuse of alcohol or drugs to escape. It could be an image of you or a loved one who is struggling with self-acceptance.

The Page of Cups could indicate that someone lacks inspiration, they are battling low self-worth, and they are easily depressed. What can you do to help inspire them to be their best self?

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
a shy, vulnerable partner, emotionally immature partner, insecurity in romance emotional vulnerability at work, insecurity at work, creative blocks being in denial about finances, avoiding financial decisions

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

Shy, hesitant and maybe a little awkward, the Page of Cups tarot love meaning can point to someone in your romantic life with these characteristics. They may react well to some much needed kindness, slowly opening up to you if they feel safe. Sometimes however, this person may also be a bit emotionally immature; there could be temper tantrums, insecurity, and lots of nonsense. Should this card not represent a person, be aware of these traits in yourself. Have your insecurities gotten the best of you? How have they affected your romantic life?

Career Meaning - Reversed Page of Cups

Have you had issues dealing with your feelings at work? The page of cups can indicate that you have been unprofessional, or perhaps letting your emotions get the best of you. Oftentimes, when we are in new situations we may be faced with feelings that we don’t know how to channel into something positive. If your line of work is in a creative field, the reversed page of cups can also suggest that you’ve had a hard time dealing with creative blocks. This will pass too, if you can remember the reason you fell in love with doing what you did in the first place. Find inspiration.

Finances Meaning - Reversed Page of Cups

If you’ve been dealing with any financial setbacks, you’ll need to make sure that you have your emotions under control. Avoid letting yourself get carried away, and make any risky choices as a result. If you’ve been in denial about your financial state, now is the time to face it instead of running away. Many valuable lessons can be learned; and denial is only delaying the inevitable.

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