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Ten of Cups Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Ten of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
happiness, homecomings, fulfillment, emotional stability, security, domestic harmony unhappy home, separation, domestic conflict, disharmony, isolation​
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Ten of Cups Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Description

On the Ten of Cups, there is a couple holding each other while facing a beautiful house and a green garden. Beside them, there are two children playing joyously. The couple is seen holding each other in a loving and romantic embrace, while the children are freely playing. The couple seems to be in a stable relationship, while also blessed with the abundance of a comfortable home and beautiful children. The green land signifies fertility, and the river shows how freely the feelings of the couple are flowing, meaning that their relationship is quite peaceful. Above in the sky, there are ten cups, shaped in an arc, which are meant to symbolize blessings from heaven. The rainbow behind them shows the end of hard times and sorrows, and a new happy life where each and every one of the family will enjoy. The Ten of Cups card depicts ‘having it all’.

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Upright Ten of Cups Meaning

From its joyful depiction, we can assume that the Ten of Cups embody happiness, joy, contentment and emotional satisfaction in your family, relationship or companion. It represents an idyllic state of comfort, harmony, peace and love which makes you feel like you are in paradise. This is where all your dreams, wants, needs and wishes have been fulfilled, and you feel a complete sense of satisfaction. Take a moment and breathe, look around you and be thankful for all your blessings. This card signifies something that so many of us are searching for.

To see the Ten of cups is to indicate a true emotional fulfillment - one where the lonely self-satisfaction of the Nine of Cups is shared with others to create a true sense of community and family. It is the crystallization of the innocent will of the ace of cups. After learning how to love oneself, the Nine of Cups matured into the Ten of Cups, which at its core about how true happiness stems from forging authentic bonds and connections with others. This card is most associated with a sense of 'happily ever after' - of family, of lasting harmony and peace.

To see the Ten of cups is to indicate a true emotional fulfillment - one where the lonely self-satisfaction of the Nine of Cups is shared with others to create a true sense of community and family.

This is an indication of harmonious family, for the card shows you that you are living in the perfect peace. No more adjustments or shifting is needed, you are in the right, just relax and enjoy your moment. In a love reading, this card shows that it is romantic, real and genuine - and has a strong potential for something long term. It deserves all your effort to make it come true.

The Ten of Cups could also indicate a family holiday where you can relax and spend time with family members.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
commitment, taking next step in relationship, long term stability, lasting relationship feeling of belonging at work, camaraderie between colleagues, fulfilling and supportive job financial stability and security, a feeling of having enough

Upright 10 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

Love is calm and sweet with the 10 of Cups tarot love meaning. Spending time with your family can be particularly rewarding right now. You may be introducing your partner to your family, or taking the next step in your commitment together. The 10 of Cups tarot love meaning also suggests long term stability, tranquility and comfort. If you’re single, and you meet someone at this time, it’s likely that the relationship will be one that lasts.

Career Meaning - Upright 10 of Cups

Though the ten of cups is often more connected to family than work, this card can also bring some joy to your career. This card can signify a kind of comfort and belonging that you find from your current position. There is enough opportunity for growth and creativity that you do not need to worry about these aspects of your career. There is also likely cohesion and happiness between you and your coworkers, and the office culture can feel welcoming and supportive. You may find that the job gives you a comfortable work-life balance as well, and you have the security of spending a good chunk of time with your family. The card can also signify retirement or leaving a job to take care of a family.

Finances Meaning - Upright 10 of Cups

Since the ten of cups signals family stability and harmony, you may find that you and your loved ones have what you need to feel happy and comfortable. This doesn’t always translate to wealth, but the knowledge that there is enough for a feeling of stability and security. If you’ve previously had fights with family over financial issues, these may now dissipate.

Ten of Cups Reversal Meaning

When the Ten of Cups is reversed, the strong bonds that one forges with family and community are broken, or twisted. The Ten of Cups is truly the most 'happily ever after' card, but somehow this idealized image of domestic peace and comfort is broken, or was unrealistic all along. Instead of connections, you may find distance. Instead of coming together, you may be pulling apart.

Your hopes for happy times and special moments seem to not meet your expectations. You should learn to treat each other well, love each other and care for each other. This is the best way to ensure that you retain your harmonious living.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
meddling relatives, a short fling, external forces affecting relationship hostile workplace, tensions between colleagues, isolation at workplace arguments with family over finances, financial instability

Reversed 10 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

Clashes between family and love can be suggested by the 10 of Cups tarot love meaning. External matters may be creating chaos in your romantic life, including meddling relatives that believe you are not meant to be together. It is important now more than ever to face criticisms from family as a unit; defend each other and avoid public arguments. Ensure that your partner feels loved even during this turbulent time. 

Career Meaning - Reversed 10 of Cups

When the ten of cups is reversed in a career reading, you may be dealing with a feeling of tension, loneliness and frustration at work. The atmosphere is more hostile than usual, and your colleagues may not be supportive right now. You may be left with the feeling that you don’t quite belong in this position, and your basic sense of stability and security may feel shaken. Sometimes, this card can also signal an upset to your work-life balance. You may be working more hours than you expected and your family life is suffering as a result.

Finances Meaning - Reversed 10 of Cups

When it comes to your finances, the reversed ten of cups can signal domestic disharmony regarding issues of money. You may be faced with disputes at home about how much you should be spending, or how much of what you have is yours versus someone else's. There can be a basic feeling of financial instability at home that can add to this nervous atmosphere. Your finances and your emotions are likely to be deeply connected right now, and resolving issues in one or the other may be helpful in clearing out the whole mess.

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