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Seven of Cups Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

Seven of Cups Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Seven of Cups symbolizes imagination, choice, wishful thinking, illusion and fantasy. The card shows person with their back turned towards us, contemplating 7 images that are creeping out of the cups, all of which are floating in the clouds. Clouds are a representation of dreams, illusions, thoughts and imagination. There are numerous fantasies that are appearing from the cups, which are representative of the many visions that one sees while dreaming. The Seven of Cups may imply that you have a number of options to choose from.


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Upright Seven of Cups Meaning

To draw the Seven of Cups in a reading shows that you need to clearly see the shadows and visions in your imagination, not only in your dreams but also in the real world. You should be careful of wishful thinking and be alert of the choices that you make. In one sense, the Seven of Cups indicates that you are a dreamer who is both excited and afraid of the things that you see in your unconscious. In another, the Seven of Cups is a reminder that although it is good to have dreams and wishes, it is even better to take action attaining those dreams. At one point in life, you will need to stop fantasizing and face the reality of life.

If you are unable to make a decision due to the many options that are available, you should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option so as to make the best choice. It is important to exercise caution when you are making your decision, as the card itself seems to show there is not only wonders and treasures that are available to you, but also monsters and shadows.

There are some cases when the Seven of Cups may show that you are living in ways that are not necessarily grounded in real life - that your actions are guided by illusions that you feed yourself. Your ideas may be so up in the clouds, developed only on your imagination. As such, you will need to separate what is real and what is not so that you can make better choices.

You will need to separate what is real and what is not so that you can make better choices.

The Seven of Cups is also linked with temptation. This applies in the upright meaning and also the Seven of Cups reversal meaning.

Upright 7 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

Several decisions lie ahead of you with the appearance of the 7 of Cups in a love tarot reading. If you are single, you may have to make a decision between different lovers, or perhaps between love and family, or love and career. The 7 of Cups tarot love meaning can also signal that all the choices may look tempting right now, but though they glisten with promise, they may be illusions. Take your time and consider things carefully; only diligent communication and evaluation will give you what you desire. With love, we may be tempted to rush into a situation, letting lust and infatuation guide us towards something that in the long run won’t last. It is important to think of all the options, as well as look into any red flags or gut feelings of “something is wrong”, you may feel about the relationship. Trust your instincts.

Seven of Cups Reversal Meaning

The Seven of Cups reversal is somewhat similar to the upright, as they both indicate dreams, illusions and temptations, but seem to emphasize the more negative qualities of this card. Your views may be inclined towards fantasy, and not grounded in reality. It may imply that you are unclear about the things that you are searching for.

The Seven of Cups reversed may also demonstrates your unwillingness to face the realities of life, and you are seeking to escape through imagination and daydreaming.

On the other hand, the Seven of Cups reversed may also indicate an end of confusion, of cutting out illusions, and moving forward with clarity.

Reversed 7 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

Your lack of clarity about what you want in love can make your love life even more confusing and chaotic than it needs to be. There can be wasted time, missed opportunities, emotional upheavals, all because one is unable to make a choice. Your dating life can be filled with dead ends, broken hearts, and mixed messages. It is important to remain focused on what you want, instead of letting the world make your choices for you. Alternatively, if you are developing some awareness of what is important to you, taking action on those decisions can be rewarded. You can now take the steps you need to make things happen.

Seven of Cups Tarot Cheat Sheet

Seven of Cups Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings Cheat Sheet. Art from Golden Thread Tarot.

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