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Finding New Love Tarot Spreads - 2 Tarot Spreads for Romance

By Tina Gong


Last time we talked about a few love tarot spreads to assess how well you're connecting with your partner, and how to make decisions about where to go with your relationship. This time, we're looking at that exploratory phase of love, which can be both incredibly exciting and stressful. Our dating lives are getting ever more complex, even as our options to meet new people seem to multiply every day. And arguably it makes it that much harder to find someone that we truly connect with. The decisions on who we take with us for the long haul seem to sometimes be so out of reach.

How to Use these New Love Tarot Spreads

With so many intense emotions involved, these spreads will help tame that racing heartbeat and detangle those random threads of thought and help you proceed through matters of the heart with more awareness. I know personally I use tarot to help clear a racing mind, and I have vivid memories of tarot being a guide to bring calm to that mind. 

In particular, we're going to focus on two specific situations when looking at love today.

Are You Ready for Love Tarot Spread

Are you ready for new love tarot spread - 6 card tarot spread for new relationships and self insight. Using Luminous Spirit Tarot - a holographic tarot deck.

One of the most tempting things to do when we leave one relationship is to jump immediately to another. I've also met enough people in my lifetime that were terrified of being alone (an understandable fear!), leading them to lives of serial monogamy. While everyone's situation is unique, I did sometimes wonder whether this was a healthy attitude to take.

It's important for us to feel whole before we meet someone, not enter a relationship in order to feel complete. You cannot have a healthy relationship with another without having a healthy relationship with yourself. Thus, I feel like doing a reading of this sort is incredibly important to understand that nexus around which a healthy relationship evolves. This spread was created to give you that approach while simultaneously focusing on how it affects your romantic life.

You cannot have a healthy relationship with another without having a healthy relationship. with yourself. 

  1. What you want in love - What does it mean to you? Why are you searching for it? What is your ideal kind of love?
  2. What you learnt from love - What lesson did you take away from your prior relationships? How did past experiences in love give you more wisdom? 
  3. What holds you back from love - What must you accomplish before love comes to you? Before it holds true?
  4. Readiness of your heart - Is your heart ready? Does it still belong to another?
  5. Readiness of your mind - Is your mind ready? What objections does it bring? Does it fear being hurt again?
  6. Readiness of your spirit - Is your spirit ready? How does your higher self respond to love?

In this Post: Luminous Spirit Tarot

Holographic, minimalist deck. Companion app focused on moon phases included.

Finding Love Relationship Tarot Spread

Finding new love tarot spread - 5 card tarot spread for new relationships and self insight. Using Luminous Spirit Tarot - a holographic tarot deck.

And then we get to the fun part! There's something so fun about imagining what a new kind of love can look like, and what we can bring to it. This spread was meant to help you think through those possibilities - maybe even in places where you might have not thought about. One thing I should probably note here - I don't believe in telling the future with tarot. To me, this spread is all about bringing you a new vision of what your future loves could be like. That perspective is powerful, and is enough to help your search and open your eyes to what may already be in front of you.

  1. Your readiness - A bit of a summary of the last reading. When this love comes, will you be ready to face it? Or will you be surprised by it?
  2. Lover's characteristics - What will they be like? What are their most striking features?
  3. How you will meet - In what circumstances will you meet your new lover? 
  4. Characteristics of relationship - What is the dynamic of this relationship? How do you connect?
  5. Potential of relationship - Where is this relationship going? What can it look like?


The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck - Holographic tarot cards featured in this postWe hope you enjoyed these cards! If you're looking for the deck featured in this post, the Luminous Spirit Tarot, you can get more information about it here.

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  • Wesley
    If you know deep down you’re not ready for commitment then that’s what your intuition is telling you. Remember to accept all parts of yourself and learn to love what others may have falsely judged as flaws in the past. It may be that ‘flawed’ part of you that your true companion is attracted to. Your beautiful soul is worthy of being loved. So do yourself a favor and accept ALL of it, embrace it and celebrate it. Best of luck in your journey.
  • Janel Leon
    I’m new to this… Could someone please give me some examples on how to interpret the cards? For example: If I drew the ten of swords reversed for card #2 (lover’s characteristics).. How could that be interpreted? 💜 Thank you 💜
  • Tina
    @Breanna – Sorry to hear the reading was disappointing. I do think you’re interpreting it in a healthy way though. You always have a choice to determine whether you choose to accept the reading or not. Do the cards drawn ring true to you? Does the reading itself seem haunting because the disturbing message feels like it can happen? Or does it seem like it comes from nowhere? If it does seem outlandish, would you still be ready with a plan of action if it actually happened? Maybe that means you don’t have to worry. If you’re unhappy with what you got, what can you do to address the cards and move forward and have a healthy relationship? I think your reactions to the reading are important to dissect too. Tarot is here to also help you ask questions and see possibilities – not just taking the reading at face value. Maybe this is contradictory advice from a tarot reader though! @Ashton – These spreads are meant to use both minor and major arcana cards.
  • Breanna
    I did both readings with the intent to determine if I am ready to date again. It was pretty bleak. I received especially disturbing cards on the nature of the potential partner/relationship. Anyone with thoughts on this? Could the message be that I’m not ready, and would attract an unhealthy dynamic?
  • Ashton Brown
    Do i use major or minor cards?

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