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An Introduction to Lenormand Cards: Plus Lenormand Card Meaning List

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An Introduction to Lenormand Cards: Plus Lenormand Card Meaning List

While the main focus of Labyrinthos Academy has always been the Tarot, lately I’ve been experimenting with other practices that have the potential to work alongside those beloved decks of that I hold so dear. One of the more interesting and dynamic combinations I’ve found during these little experiments has been Lenormand Cards. Lately, I’ve been so inspired, that I’ve been working on a Lenormand deck, which you can start taking a peek at here!

What are Lenormand Cards?

Tarot and other forms of cartomancy have been around for as long as playing cards themselves have existed - and the history of the whole practice spans well over six centuries. For many decades now, Tarot has been the main focus of those interested in spirituality and self-development. While they were once used for divination, we actually argue here that their most potent use is not in telling the future, but as a tool for developing your own sense of empowerment and self-knowledge.

Some cards from the Gibson Lenormand, vintage Lenormand Cards

The Lenormand is another divination tool with a similar history (and purpose) to that of the Tarot. It is a 200 year old system from the heart of Europe; a deck of 36 cards that has held its place in the living rooms and salons of France and Germany for several generations. Made of simple, straightforward imagery, the cards themselves deal with more tangible issues rather than psychological ones. As we explore more about Lenormand, we’ll return to this later!

Madame Lenormand and the History of Lenormand Cards

The cards came into being in the late 18th century, many of their symbols derived from those commonly found in coffee ground readings. The oldest surviving deck dates from 1799 or 1800 and is currently kept in the British Museum in London. Originally named "The Game of Hope", it was once but a parlor game (much like Tarot). But as the years went on, the images on the cards proved themselves suitable for more esoteric purposes.

Madame Lenormand - or Marie Anne Lenormand was a famous cartomancer in the 1800's, and the mother of the Lenormand Cards that bear her name

The cards came to bear the famous name of the Sybille of the Salons, Marie Anne Lenormand - also known as Madame Lenormand, only after her death in the mid-19th century. She was rumored to have used a custom set of the same cards that are seen today, her own adaptation. Hers was a large legacy, having been the most celebrated psychic of her time. She was associated with grand figures such as Robespierre, Marat (both French revolutionaries), Empress Josephine (the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte) and Tsar Alexander I of Russia. 

When Madame Lenormand died, her name was placed on a pack of cards made after the one that she used and effectively kickstarted a trend that was to prove a mainstay on the occult circles of continental Europe. Over the next century and a half, the popularity of the Lenormand spread to the Low Countries, Central Europe, the Balkans, Russia and even Brazil. The English-speaking world, immersed in its love for Tarot, was to catch a proper glimpse of the little deck only with the dawn of the 21st century.

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Lenormand Cards and their Uses

The Lenormand cards provide another way of peeking into the winding palace of one’s own mind - helping you plot out possible courses and actions that you can take. Like the tarot, I personally don’t believe that the divinatory use of the cards are the healthiest way of using them, but I have heard that for that purpose, Lenormand cards have yielded clear messages.

By pulling together simple yet effective universal symbols as if they were pearls on a string, the meanings within the Lenormand cards reveal themselves as if they were a story. Regardless of whether we choose to interpret just two cards (for they are normally read in pairs and card combinations) or spread out a full Grand Tableau utilizing the entire deck, we can use Lenormand as a tool for self-development, spiritual exploration but also, something this deck is particularly good at: dealing with simple, everyday concerns. That is where the true power of Lenormand lies - in it's frank and even blunt way of tackling our real life issues. Its accuracy and candid way of "speaking" to us makes it an attractive companion - both alongside tarot, and on it’s own.

Lenormand Cards and their Meanings List: Quick Keywords

Lenormand Card Keywords Meaning
Rider Energy, Passion, Speed, Activity, News, Messages
Clover Luck, Lightheartedness, Small Happinesses, Opportunity, Being Untroubled, Comedy
Ship Departure, Farewell, Distance, Voyage, Travel, Journey, Adventure
House Home, Establishment, Safety, Tradition, Custom, Privacy, Conservation
Tree Growth, grounded, past connection, personal growth, spirituality, health
Clouds Confusion, Unclarity, Misunderstanding, Insecurity, Doubt, Hidden Secrets
Snake Desire, Seduction, Deception, Craving, Attraction, Sexuality, Wisdom, Forbidden Knowledge
Coffin Ending, Dying, Funeral, Loss, Grief, Mourning, Sadness
Bouquet Flattery, Social Life, Pleasantness, Cordiality, Etiquette, Politeness, Appreciation
Scythe Accidents, Hasty Decisions, Danger, A Warning, Speed, Reckoning
Whip Conflict, Discussions, Arguments, Debate, Scolding, Opposition, Objection
Birds Worry, Excitement, Gossip, Chattering, Nervousness, Anxiety
Child New Beginnings, Child, Toddler, Play , Inexperience, Innocence, Immaturity
Fox Selfishness, Self Care, Trickery, Suspicion, Cunning, Caution
Bear Power, Leadership, Dominance, Influence, Short temper, Strength of character, Boss
Stars Hope, Inspiration, Optimism, Spirituality, Dreams, Progress to Goals
Stork Change, Transition, Movement, Recurrence, New Cycle, Yearning
Dog Loyalty, Friendship, A Follower, Devotion, Obedience, Support
Tower Authority, Solitude, Loneliness, Isolation, Aloofness, Ego, Arrogance
Garden Public Affairs, Society, Culture, Teamwork, Fame, Social Networks
Mountain Difficulties, Problems, Obstacles, Impairment, Hurdles, Struggles, Challenge
Crossroads Choices, Many Opportunities, Travel, Separation, Hesitation, Decisions
Mice Dwindling, Deficiency, Depletion, Destruction, Defect, Flaw, Disease
Heart Love, Amicability, Romanticization, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Softness, Charity
Ring Commitment, Promise, Honor, Partnership, Cooperation, Cycles
Book Secrets, Knowledge, Education, Information, Research, Studies
Letter Document, Email, Speech, Conversations, Expression, Information, Communication
Man Male in Querent’s Life (Male Friend, Partner, Family Member), If the Querent identifies as Male - The Querent, Masculinity
Woman Female in Querent’s Life (Female Friend, Partner, Family Member), A Female Querent, Femininity, If the Querent identifies as Female - The Querent/td>
Lily Sensuality, Sex, Virtue, Morality, Ethics, Wisdom
Sun Happiness, Victory, Success, Power, Warmth, Truth
Moon Subconscious, Intuition, Emotions, Fears, Desires, Fantasy
Key Openness, Revelation, Unlocking, Achievement, Liberation, Resolution
Fish Finances, Business, Wealth, Values, Gain, Abundance
Anchor Stability, Restraint, Security, Resilience, Durability, Laying Foundations
Cross Duty, Conviction, Suffering, Burden, Intolerance, Principles, Indoctrination

That being said, watch this space! I'll be updating this blog with a few of my learnings. You can also start taking a peek at the Seventh Sphere Lenormand, which I'm getting ready for printing - as well as developing an app so you can explore Lenormand Cards on your own.


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  • Lattice
    You mentioned you don’t personally use card readings for divination. What other ways can one use card readings in their daily life?
  • Ganga Sharma
    Thank You! Today I received the first lesson. Iam excited to join this Fraternity!
  • Tina
    Thanks Chiara! Are angel oracle cards different from other oracle cards? I have a set of oracle cards I’ve been planning – way more convoluted and detailed than any of my digital ones, but they’re taking a lot of time!
  • Chiara
    So excited to see you expanding into more decks! Do you ever think you will also expand into angel oracle cards? You have the most beautiful cards and most helpful learning tools by the way!

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